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17-04-2019 18:14
Thanks @boricuaretrogamer

14-04-2019 07:37
Hi all! My latest longplay (Half-Life) is now online:
lYggtG8N60 Hopefully it won't be too disappointing Wink

12-04-2019 23:40
I was informed that some corrections were needed on my Snow Brothers and Meme Run longplays. I've decided to delete them and rerecord them, so please disregard any previous entries to said titles.

05-04-2019 16:12
Happy birthday (late) xRavenXP! My birthday was on March too. It was on March 6.

05-04-2019 01:41
So, did someone in this website ever get the admin a message sent to him about the expired URL that needs to be fixed so we can get the old .com back or not yet?

04-04-2019 02:25
Believe it or not, I've got the infamous "Meme Run" uploaded. Go look it up; it's crazy!

03-04-2019 07:22
Thanks @Frederikct112. At the end of this month of April 2019, I will be with a super powerful computer and I will be recording modern games here.

29-03-2019 07:03
I've had the AVerMedia GC550 for a while and its been really great. It can record 1080p60FPS.

28-03-2019 22:44
The FFT video is ready, but I will edit it in the coming weeks with my new PC. On console capture, which capture card would be good?

28-03-2019 22:43
Hello friends of World of Longplays, how are you? Soon I will be coming back with new videos, I am at the moment to get a better computer and I was on March 25 enjoying my birthday.

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Started: 01.02.18

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Downloads: Sinistar
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An all time classic early 80s shump game from Williams. The object of this game is to mine the planetoids to get the crystals since they are needed to super charge your sinibombs. Beware that workers (red enemies) do not mine the planetoids. They wait for you do it so they can steal the crystals from you to build the pieces of the arch nemesis known as Sinsistar (large silver and red face with devil-like horns) as it will chase you down. If you get too close then you are toasted. Workers are not a threat. But the Warriors (blue and octagonal, with a white gun turret in the center) and the Sinistar enemies you should definitely watch for. Warriors' main objective is to destroy and destroy the Sinistar before you even get a chance to get enough crystals to destroy Sinistar. 20 sinibombs are the maximum. If you get more crystals after getting 20 sinibombs, it will be saved for engine warping as you warp to the next zone after destroying Sinistar.

This game has 4 zones: Worker, Warrior, Planetoid, and Void.
Worker has more red enemies than the other levels. Warriors' zone has more warriors than worker zone and same on planetoid and void zone. Planetoid zone has the most planetoids giving plenty of time and abundance of planetoid to mine enough crystals to fill up your maximum sinibombs. Void has the least planetoids and is the hardest of all the zones. For the void zone, it is best to save some sinibombs from the planetoid zone as it has less planetoid to mine crystals. You want get up 20 maximum sinibombs before destroying Sinistar as your ship's ammo has no affect on Sinistar. Only sinibombs can destroy this nemesis.

When you first start this game you start at a pre-zone known as level 0. After that you warp to a group of four zones. After you beat the 4 zones, it restarts the beginning of the worker zone then to warrior to planetoid to void zones and back to worker zone endlessly until you run out of lives. The game is endless. After you destroyed Sinistar 127 times the game only repeats planetoids zone endlessly which is it the easiest of all the zones. But I'm not going to waste my time beating it 127 times as it took 4 hours

For those of you who want to see the game beaten 127 times, you may watch it at this link as it took 4 hours for this to happen.



May 31 2015 11:00:46
Download 474
Length 00:12:08
Language English

Download (right click save as):
One Room Shed on June 02 2015 00:20:26

Awesome!! I remember playing this in my favorite arcade when I was a kid. All these years later I can still hear him saying "beware, I live." I loved this game. Thanks for playing this one. You brought back so many memories.

JonL on June 02 2015 10:56:28

Seems so difficult! And sometimes involves some luck too!
The boss is very impressive, almost frightening.
Good lp, I enjoyed it. Thanks. Wink

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