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09-08-2020 20:08
Yes but that function will at least cut down on the flood of spammers.

09-08-2020 09:04
that isn't the only kind of email that we get that are spammers

07-08-2020 03:52
Damn spam. I swear someone needs to modify this site to automatically reject mailforspam.

06-08-2020 19:01
Abzu works fine for me too, but the longplay is in 4k which might be a problem for some people

06-08-2020 07:29
sword of mana started downloading normal for me, will check abzu when its done downloading

05-08-2020 13:57
The Abzu file is corrupted somehow (won't play, bottom half of image is green), and the Sword of Mana links don't work

03-08-2020 08:21
@Maxorinen: Now that you have Longplayer role, go to Submission page and fill in the info for your longplay (which is triggered by adding the game as 'Uploaded' ).

03-08-2020 02:34
@DiggerandIndy, she sure is!

03-08-2020 00:17
To any admin reading this: Maxorinen is asking for the Longplayer role to submit his longplay.

03-08-2020 00:15
@Ironclaw You say the earth is flat? So is your mom.

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Downloads: Missile Defense 3-D (3D)
Downloads Home > Master System > Missile Defense 3-D (3D)

Missile Defense 3-D (3D)

Missile Defense 3-D, released in 1987 for the Sega Master-System requiring both the Segascope 3-D Glasses and the Phaser light gun. The game was also included as the built in game for the the master-system and glasses console bundle.

A new recording of this game which I now complete to the end. I start off loosing the first game to show what happens if you let a missile hit. Then I replay through to the end.

I am not able to reproduce the 3D effect properly for this game as the game switches left and right screens each time a shot is fired. Each time the screen is blanked 3 frames are used causing the frames to go out of order during the odd/even frame split to produce this side by side 3d video.

The game gets stupidly hard quite quickly and you can not miss a single missile if you make it to every 3rd round. If you are hit then you can not shoot for a few seconds which is a double whammy when other missiles are coming at you.

To watch on pc, download Stereoscopic player from . You can then set various methods to suit your 3D viewing.

3D Version: Get it here!


September 02 2017 14:50:49
Download 833
Length 00:21:16
License: 3D
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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