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06-08-2020 19:01
Abzu works fine for me too, but the longplay is in 4k which might be a problem for some people

06-08-2020 07:29
sword of mana started downloading normal for me, will check abzu when its done downloading

05-08-2020 13:57
The Abzu file is corrupted somehow (won't play, bottom half of image is green), and the Sword of Mana links don't work

03-08-2020 08:21
@Maxorinen: Now that you have Longplayer role, go to Submission page and fill in the info for your longplay (which is triggered by adding the game as 'Uploaded' ).

03-08-2020 02:34
@DiggerandIndy, she sure is!

03-08-2020 00:17
To any admin reading this: Maxorinen is asking for the Longplayer role to submit his longplay.

03-08-2020 00:15
@Ironclaw You say the earth is flat? So is your mom.

02-08-2020 22:40
ScHlAuChi, I'm done Uploading my Kid Chameleon Megadrive longplay to the directory

02-08-2020 22:02
smooth brain

02-08-2020 21:43
Dont listen to Ironclaw, hes a fool - earth isnt flat, its banana shaped like his brain!

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Downloads: Dynamite Duke
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Dynamite Duke

Dynamite Duke, an Arcade conversion to the Master System released in 1989 in PAL regions.

The game feels a little like Cabal where you move left to right dodging enemy fire at the same time trying to move the gun sights to where you want to shoot. The similarities end there as the game scrolls through the levels and a constant flow of enemies are gunning for you. There are a few pickups a long the way to restore bullets and health. If you run out of bullets you end up with single shots, which for the basic enemies is just fine and seem simpler to kill this way.

You are equipped with a cybernetic arm which is 10 times more powerful than a normal human arm. At the end of each stage there is a boss battle where you need to duke it out and land punches at just the right time and avoid taking hits yourself. You can charge your 'Duke' Special power (you start with 3 per life) to either clear the screen of small enemies or to land a powerful shot on the boss. I purposely save the special power for the tough bosses near the end.

The final boss is very annoying as it is constantly regenerating. I was having real trouble with this final part and then ....I find the perfect spot to stand where the enemy fire doesn't hit me or change direction. Moving to the right of the screen it is hard to dodge enemy fire as the it will show a collision even when there is a clear gap. overall I think this is a nice colourful game on master system and doesn't play to bad either although more fun on lower difficulty settings.


September 07 2017 17:16:41
Download 201
Length 00:20:56
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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