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05-08-2020 13:57
The Abzu file is corrupted somehow (won't play, bottom half of image is green), and the Sword of Mana links don't work

03-08-2020 08:21
@Maxorinen: Now that you have Longplayer role, go to Submission page and fill in the info for your longplay (which is triggered by adding the game as 'Uploaded' ).

03-08-2020 02:34
@DiggerandIndy, she sure is!

03-08-2020 00:17
To any admin reading this: Maxorinen is asking for the Longplayer role to submit his longplay.

03-08-2020 00:15
@Ironclaw You say the earth is flat? So is your mom.

02-08-2020 22:40
ScHlAuChi, I'm done Uploading my Kid Chameleon Megadrive longplay to the directory

02-08-2020 22:02
smooth brain

02-08-2020 21:43
Dont listen to Ironclaw, hes a fool - earth isnt flat, its banana shaped like his brain!

02-08-2020 12:07
Earth is flat!

01-08-2020 16:13
My Directory is Megadrive - Kid Chameleon I'm already done uploading, MadMatt.

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Downloads: Mortal Kombat II
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Mortal Kombat II

Fight against Jade. Fight the match on the box before the question mark without using Punch, including for fatalities.

Fight against Smoke: 17:17 Press Down + Punch + Kick when Dan Forden appears on the right side of the screen.

Fatalities: 19:07

Liu Kang: Down, Forward, Backward, Backward, Kick.
Sub-Zero: Forward, Forward, Down, Kick Then... Forward, Down, Forward, Punch.
Kitana: (Punch + Kick), (Punch + Kick), (Punch + Kick), Kick.
Reptile: Backward, Backward, Down, Punch.
Tsung: Hold (Punch + Kick), Up, Down, Up, Release Punch, Release Kick.
Mileena: Forward, Backward, Forward, Kick.
Scorpion: Hold (Punch + Kick), Up, Up, Release Kick, Release Punch.
Jax: Forward, Forward, Punch. Then... Press Punch as much and quickly as you can.

Stage Fatality: Forward, Backward, Forward, Punch.


January 17 2011 22:20:20
Download 714
Length 00:23:57
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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