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06-07-2019 09:36

05-07-2019 14:22
Crimson Sea 2 for PS2 DL link doesn't work.

02-07-2019 03:04
I have a few NES longplays on the ftp server currently waiting for review. Note: Super Contra 7's good longplay has the NEW tag in the folder name. Bested the old one by 30 seconds.

25-06-2019 15:41
under maintenance

25-06-2019 12:10
What's happened to

22-06-2019 13:28
All right, thank you. Didn't know what to label it.

22-06-2019 12:09
@DiggerandIndy Super Mario Land 2 DX is not a Homebrew, it's a hack and hacks are here not allowed.

21-06-2019 09:26
No problem Smile

19-06-2019 10:51
Whoa, didn't expect 'during this week' to turn into 20 minutes. :D Cheers

19-06-2019 08:49
WoL has reached a milestone of 800,000 subscribers .

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Downloads: The Secret of Monkey Island
Downloads Home > Mega-CD / Sega-CD > The Secret of Monkey Island

The Secret of Monkey Island

This could be the worst of all the Monkey Island ports. Its a port of the PC VGA CD Version, including the MT-32 Synth rendition of the music as Audio tracks, and the UI from Monkey Island 2

I say worst because it feels rushed like a quick money grab. The audio is constantly inturupted to load conversation or sfx data during a scene which ruins any immersion. The choice of colours is also strange, dark almost like "Half-Brite" mode. (Amiga:Midnight Resistance) The game retains the original 320x200 resolution.

The Swordmaster quest was abit of a grind. The game slowed right down here and made it difficult to navigate conversation reply choices. And lastly, When on the ghostship, you literaly are invisable. You canonly be seen as a few stray pixels move across the screen. Im sure all other versions had a blue shimering effect. Maybe the system just doesnt have enough memory to cache anything, but the game should be faster with two 68000 cpus at work (genesis+megacd). I do feel the game would have benefited from native FM Music rather then pre rendered cd audio, if only to avoid audio disruption. I could say the cd audio was included as best versions of monkey island soundtrack, but I think it was just a quick/lazy way of having music in this version of the game.

If I sound Bias at all reading the above, Ill admit that Im more partial to the awsome Amiga version of the Game and its rendition of the Music Wink There should have been a kick ass CD32 version! (Like Simon the Sorceror)

"The Stump" joke isnt included in this version of the game (or other cd versions). I have tacked onto the end a video of Guybrush having to hold his breath for 10 mins (Shortend for sanity). It appears you cant die in this version as the game auto saves you.

There is no saveGame feature in this version. The game will give you a four digit code which you can right down and use to continue your game later.


Part 1: 00:00:00 - The Three Trials
Part 2: 02:28:27 - The Journey
Part 3: 02:43:35 - Under Monkey Island
Part 4: 03:55:30 - Guybrush Kicks Butt
Bonus Video: 04:09:44 - Guybrush holding his breath for 10 mins (Shortend)

Now, "Turn your Sega off and go to sleep!"


March 10 2012 18:06:19
Download 561
Length 04:13:09
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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