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06-07-2019 09:36

05-07-2019 14:22
Crimson Sea 2 for PS2 DL link doesn't work.

02-07-2019 03:04
I have a few NES longplays on the ftp server currently waiting for review. Note: Super Contra 7's good longplay has the NEW tag in the folder name. Bested the old one by 30 seconds.

25-06-2019 15:41
under maintenance

25-06-2019 12:10
What's happened to

22-06-2019 13:28
All right, thank you. Didn't know what to label it.

22-06-2019 12:09
@DiggerandIndy Super Mario Land 2 DX is not a Homebrew, it's a hack and hacks are here not allowed.

21-06-2019 09:26
No problem Smile

19-06-2019 10:51
Whoa, didn't expect 'during this week' to turn into 20 minutes. :D Cheers

19-06-2019 08:49
WoL has reached a milestone of 800,000 subscribers .

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Started: 01.02.18

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Downloads: Corpse Killer

Corpse Killer

This version of the game is quite long and repetative but thankfully comes with a save game function so you can play it in smaller sessions and whent he game is going well.

The game was recorded in an Emulator which seems to have caused the comms screen to bug causing videos to appear which havent been unlocked yet. The videos are normaly unlocked when you rescue the soldiers.

The game becomes repetative due to having to attack the fortress 4 times and go through the whole sequence each time before takling the hellmans hideout. This on its own doesnt seem to bad, but its the grinding in between getting you stock of poisoned bullets toppedup before takling the fortress.

I did make use of a bug/glitch/cheat/exploit which allows you to fire a Dutara bullet even if you have none by tapping 'B' while holding your firebutton down 'A', which makes it easier to kill the Zombie witches.

Concidering how annoying it is to choose between different ammo while fighting off the horde, I claim this exploit as a valid gameplay option Wink.

Which brings me onto the controls. The game is probably better with a Lightgun, but with the emulator 2 controllers are forced on. This means I fire and move curser on controller 1 and controller 2 navigates the comms display / ammo select and starts/pause game. I would hope the game adjusts for 1 controlelr on the actual console (if only one is connected).

I included the Loosing ending at the very end of the video after the credits.


April 02 2012 20:55:44
Download 595
Length 01:51:22
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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