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06-07-2019 09:36

05-07-2019 14:22
Crimson Sea 2 for PS2 DL link doesn't work.

02-07-2019 03:04
I have a few NES longplays on the ftp server currently waiting for review. Note: Super Contra 7's good longplay has the NEW tag in the folder name. Bested the old one by 30 seconds.

25-06-2019 15:41
under maintenance

25-06-2019 12:10
What's happened to

22-06-2019 13:28
All right, thank you. Didn't know what to label it.

22-06-2019 12:09
@DiggerandIndy Super Mario Land 2 DX is not a Homebrew, it's a hack and hacks are here not allowed.

21-06-2019 09:26
No problem Smile

19-06-2019 10:51
Whoa, didn't expect 'during this week' to turn into 20 minutes. :D Cheers

19-06-2019 08:49
WoL has reached a milestone of 800,000 subscribers .

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Started: 01.02.18

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Sega cd port of this puzzle game. All levels shown including secret levels and the 6 bonus levels. Its mostly the same as its cartridge counter part with the addition of cd audio for music, fmv cutscenes and a couple of extra boss fights.

There is a secret level where you can stack blocks to spell words to end the level with for bonuses. I only tried to show ,Heros, which should have shown a hidden message screen, but it seems this is only in cartridge version even though its listed in the credits. I didnt add it incase of misrepresenting the game. You can also spell ,Cheat, here to turn green and gain invincibility (Not shown). This is hinted in one of the bonus levels later in the longplay.

An emulation bug seems to stop the torch from working properly so I cant highlight hidden objects. Ordinarily this would be a game breaker but as I knew what was needed, I could press on. Possibly a game bug. If I complete all secret levels on the way to the end of the game, the special end screen will appear saying all 51 levels are complete before actually playing the last level and killing last boss, having the knock on effect of not being able to see the final end game cutscene. At the end of the game the credits will give a 'Silly maths question' to solve. The result is the passcode to play the 6 bonus stages.

11125 sqrd minus 181 = 123 765 444
13307 sqrd minus 712 = 177 075 537
21385x21386 sub 1875 = 457 337 735

I show these levels after completing the main story levels. Unfortunately only the first 4 worked and the game just froze when attempting to load the fifth level. So ive taken the last 2 levels from the cartridge version to be able to show these. Another note goes to being able to jump on enemies to kill them in this version without the shoes. Cartridge version didnt allow me to do this.

At the end, I show the 2 remaining secret levels that I didnt complete on the initial run for reasons stated above. Here the special ending is shown, but I think an emulation bug prevents it from being shown properly as im sure we should see some text. Both gens and Kega Fusion fail to show any text here in both the cart and cd versions of the game. All you can do from this point is reset the console.

Finally, I just want to add that the game ending is a little different on the cartridge version in that it performs a few more gfx effects during the credit sequence. The developers do like to let people know of there demoscene heritage throughout the game via the secret levels Smile


April 27 2013 19:19:31
Download 440
Length 02:07:19
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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