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22-08-2019 20:49
Pfft hi

22-08-2019 20:49

21-08-2019 20:19
@Spazbo4: 10 views? Even more pathetic... I'm going to laugh a lot! XD

21-08-2019 17:39
no he cant make money off videos with 10 views or less for each

20-08-2019 17:29
Admin should somehow take down those videos because he's probably making money out of our videos.

20-08-2019 16:16
@Charly9631: I checked the channel and the guy has other 'longplays' stolen from this site.

20-08-2019 15:11
Jf4IapyBRI Somebody stole a longplay from here and put it as his video on his channel.

19-08-2019 14:31
Got it. I assume it's under maintenence right now, so I'll try to get on it now and then.

19-08-2019 06:18
just keep checking on it every once in a while

17-08-2019 23:20
I tried to connect to FileZilla to upload a game like always and it keeps not connecting to the server. Is there some maintenence going on that I'm not aware of?

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Downloads: Final Fantasy II
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Final Fantasy II

RPG by Squaresoft. Actually the fourth one in Japan, but what do I and you know? =P

Follow a (dark) knight as he betrays his king because said king wanted some rocks. Said rocks are also REALLY important. Along the way, he meets a little girl, a jealous guy, a big girl who is actually still a little girl, a ninja, an old man, ANOTHER old man, a scruffy old man, a martial artist, knight's love interest, and ONE goddamn spoony bard.

Unlike the previous FF games (the NES ones), this one introduces a primitive version of the series staple ATB system (Active Time Battle). In a nutshell: enemies take their turns while you are waiting and trying to figure out WHAT to do. Time is stopped when navigating item and magic menus. This system is also used in other Square games.

This longplay attempts to get through the game while almost fighting every goddamn random encounter. Last thing I need is being a bit underleveled...which is kinda too late since I struggled a bit towards the end of the game. There was one instance of grinding (Passage of Summons) involving fighting spawning Arachnes. That was cut out. I don't get all summons (bump item drop summons), but I do get the ones from optional quests. To make sure this isn't some A-to-B longplay, I decide to talk to dancers here and there and a few NPCs here and there.


November 30 2018 09:23:39
Download 89
Length 11:52:23
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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