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20-09-2019 09:48
I think will be coming soon... WWF Superwrestlemania and Spider-Man VS The Kingpin.

19-09-2019 06:00
i swear i thought i already did the longplay for the switch version of super bomberman r but i guess i didnt since when it came out on switch it had bad input lag

18-09-2019 16:56
That's great, Mariofan98! Keep up the good work!

18-09-2019 15:45
I will now announce that i have since monday now finished 100 longplays after over 4 years here at WoL. Shock

18-09-2019 14:21
Finally got all three console versions of Super Bomberman R. It was a long fight, but it was worth it.

16-09-2019 02:37
Got the Pac-Man 2 games and Tetris & Dr. Mario reuploaded, hopefully the file sizes are more acceptable.

15-09-2019 17:50
I removed it, as "spam" isnt tolerated - no matter what it is!

15-09-2019 13:27
Maybe try to earn you subscribers by making ivdeos? There are no videos on your channel. And this is not a place for yt channel advertising.

11-09-2019 15:13
Part 01-07 as well. It ends early - it is supposed to have over 3 hours and it ends at somewhere around 02:12:00

10-09-2019 13:14
You're right martanius. I'll ask HolyMeatball if he can send the file again.

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Downloads: Der Langrisser (Fan Translation)
Downloads Home > Super Nintendo > Der Langrisser (Fan Translation)

Der Langrisser (Fan Translation)

The story follows a mercenary named Erwin/Elvin who is trying to protect a village girl named Liana. His quest eventually becomes an epic struggle for the fate of the world.

Der Langrisser is a 1995 Super Famicom remake of Langrisser II, a 1994 turn-based tactical role-playing game for the Sega Mega Drive console. It features multiple paths through the game, less intelligent AI, simplified unit composition and simplified class promotion trees, and reworked graphics. A PC-FX port, Der Langrisser FX, was also released, featuring animated cut-scenes. It was later compiled with the first Langrisser for the PlayStation as Langrisser I&II, and then given a script edit and a new branch of the Imperial path in its final Saturn remake as Langrisser: Dramatic Edition. A Windows 98 release of the game was released in Japanese, Chinese and Korean; it features redrawn, high-resolution graphics, but a vastly trimmed-down soundtrack to fit the confines of a standard length CD.

The SNES version is slow, laggy and buggy, but the multiple paths of its story and good villains make it a good game despite these drawbacks.

The translation is okay, but its quality is noticeably worse compared to the Mega Drive version. There is a multitude of strange phrasings, some typos, etc., and possibly some mistranslations as well. The character endings are mixed up a little, although, knowing how buggy the game is, I cannot be sure that this particular issue is caused by the translation.

This longplay consists of three videos: Light playthroughs, Empire playthroughs and Chaos+Independent playthroughs. I show all story paths, complete all side objectives and try to give a lot of kills to my teammates, but since I was also trying to keep the longplay from being too long and boring, some characters don't get promoted to all of their classes and don't get their best endings. I am not sure if getting the best ending for everyone is even possible in this version of the game. A lot of remaining endings ( most likely all of them ) , death scenes and some missed stuff were edited in at the end of each video.


September 02 2019 08:16:46
Download 19
Length 101:29:06
License: FT
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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