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08-12-2019 22:20
I just realized I goofed up something on Meme Run. Lemme fix it real quick.

07-12-2019 22:17

07-12-2019 17:46
Please delete/disregard my Super Bomberman 2 PS4 longplay. I intend to rerecord it and will be named "PS4 - Super Bomberman R V2."

06-12-2019 22:04
i will more snes longplays on youtube

06-12-2019 18:03
Please upload PlayStation 4 for YouTube

06-12-2019 01:22
Yeah, the section should disappear sooner or later. Probably it was the cause of some longplays being on waiting queue (YT) for too long.

05-12-2019 22:28
That's good to hear. I also seem to remember something about some redoing with the Amiga and Commodore 64 games.

05-12-2019 22:19
nope. All new releases will be a suprise!!

05-12-2019 00:51
Is the YouTube Schedule going to be updated, or are the moderators waiting for COPPA to blow over?

04-12-2019 21:45
A big thank you to all the LP'ers and the work that goes into making the videos. It's very appreciated.

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Started: 01.02.18

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This game was published by Epic MegaGames for DOS. At its core it is a shameless clone of Puzznic, to the point of copying many levels from it. There have, however, been a number of new elements added.

As in Puzznic, each level features a number of movable blocks marked with various shapes. Whenever two or more blocks depicting the same shape touch, they are annihilated. The goal is to remove all the blocks.

Brix takes the vertically moving platforms from Puzznic, but does not have horizontally moving platforms. The following game elements have been added:

Red bricks: These gradually crumble away away when blocks are resting on them. (Well, most of them do, but some just act as walls.)

Teleports: Each of them has a fixed destination.

Blue liquid: Any blocks that fall in are dissolved. This gives an alternative way of getting rid of them.

Orange liquid: Similar to blue liquid, but you lose the level if any blocks fall in.

Hourglasses: When an hourglass runs out, the level turns upside down. This also turns the hourglass upside down to begin draining again.

Lasers: These fire periodically, and if they hit any of the blocks, you lose. However, blocks directly in front of a laser prevent the laser from firing.

Cursor-blocking walls: If you can't just move the cursor around them, the only way to get it to the other side is to send a block through a teleport while the cursor is locked onto that block. These walls look identical to regular walls, so it's not very obvious in the video when they play a role.

It is impossible to see all the levels without ending (or completing) your current game and starting a new one. This must be done multiple times. Near the end, I omitted footage of replaying 5-5 in order to access the last set of levels.

Overall, this is a fun and at times quite tricky game, though some levels have cheap shots that will likely cause you to lose the first time you play them. One of these (6-5-2) was so ridiculous that I included a failed attempt in the video.

00:00:18 1-1
00:02:30 2-1
00:04:34 3-1
00:06:40 4-1
00:11:17 5-1
00:16:36 6-1
00:21:31 7-1
00:26:25 7-2
00:31:12 7-3
00:36:34 7-4
00:40:31 7-5
00:43:56 7-6
00:49:05 7-7
00:55:57 2-2
00:59:12 3-2
01:01:40 4-2
01:04:30 5-2
01:07:09 6-2
01:13:53 3-3
01:17:48 4-3
01:20:49 5-3
01:23:54 6-3
01:26:51 4-4
01:29:40 5-4
01:33:35 6-4
01:38:53 5-5
01:43:02 6-5
01:47:51 6-6


August 14 2018 16:35:49
Download 42
Length 01:56:42
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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