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17-08-2019 23:20
I tried to connect to FileZilla to upload a game like always and it keeps not connecting to the server. Is there some maintenence going on that I'm not aware of?

13-08-2019 00:03
I just realized I made some mistakes in the information to Mario's Picross. I've corrected it and hopefully there wasn't any confusion.

08-08-2019 22:54
I had birthday. Somebody, look to my request and play some of there, please: https://www.longpl

08-08-2019 15:16
Love the site. Keep it up!

08-08-2019 12:26
Backyard soccer ps1 season who played and uploaded

08-08-2019 12:24
Junior sports football upload

07-08-2019 16:57
I've set the file to re-process. It already gave an error that the video can not be saved yet it also shows edit in progress so we will see what happens.

07-08-2019 16:54
Something is messed up on Youtube for Part 7. It says 21 copyright claims - No Viewing restrictions. If you go through the playlist it says 'Blocked in Country' (UK for me)

07-08-2019 15:06
Hello guys, can you tell me what happened to The Crew part 7 video on yt?

07-08-2019 00:28
UcqGMTxA for my second part of let's play

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Downloads: Rise of the Triad
Downloads Home > PC > Rise of the Triad

Rise of the Triad

This is Rise of the Triad full longplay which I split to 4 parts: HUNT begins, Dark War, Extreme and Warp-only levels.

Some notes:

- Some maps I couldn't finish with 100% walls revealed due bad counter or traps (some walls were supposed to function as trap). Also I exceeded number of walls revealed at some maps by multiple columns push.
- Warp-only levels are available only with cheats. There's entry bug that when you enter secret exit at Boulder Vision map it redirects you to Pykus Peak instead of Windows 95. Also Lightning Strikes should be 1st level of High Road, but it doesn't work somehow.
- Extreme Rise of the Triad you can only finish with female character due second level of episode 4 (column part) - there's collision bug that doesn't allow male charater to pass this part (also Lorelei Li struggle with that, but I've done once this part with some random strafing), BUT ... you can also pick asbestos armor and keep some drunk missles / firebomb or other explosives (these two are the best as rocket jumps are pretty random in this game) and make your way to the end.
- Bad ending in Dark War and Extreme Rise of the Triad just restart level.
- I noticed one weird bug that walls which you somehow stuck into it disappear - at Four-way chamber once I could skip half of level with that glitch.
- I would like to give some credits to Kabcorp that helped me out with video edit ( - his youtube channel) and Alum “Cass Paze” Tarly that confirmed for me some parts that were or weren't part of game ( - his guide and i assume many people that want to finish game will need this, but it's not neccesary)
- You can hear different soundtracks, because I used 3 different soundfonts (SGM, SC-1, SC-55).
- Last track in Warp-Only levels is CCCool that i found here:

I think that's it.


July 16 2019 07:55:59
Download 40
Length 11:09:57
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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