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08-12-2019 22:20
I just realized I goofed up something on Meme Run. Lemme fix it real quick.

07-12-2019 22:17

07-12-2019 17:46
Please delete/disregard my Super Bomberman 2 PS4 longplay. I intend to rerecord it and will be named "PS4 - Super Bomberman R V2."

06-12-2019 22:04
i will more snes longplays on youtube

06-12-2019 18:03
Please upload PlayStation 4 for YouTube

06-12-2019 01:22
Yeah, the section should disappear sooner or later. Probably it was the cause of some longplays being on waiting queue (YT) for too long.

05-12-2019 22:28
That's good to hear. I also seem to remember something about some redoing with the Amiga and Commodore 64 games.

05-12-2019 22:19
nope. All new releases will be a suprise!!

05-12-2019 00:51
Is the YouTube Schedule going to be updated, or are the moderators waiting for COPPA to blow over?

04-12-2019 21:45
A big thank you to all the LP'ers and the work that goes into making the videos. It's very appreciated.

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Started: 01.02.18

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Downloads: Tomba!


Platformer by Whoopee Camp.

Follow a pink-haired boy as he jumps and bites everything in his way to get his grandpa's bracelet.

Gameplay involves trekking through many areas to find and clear events. A LOT of events at that. There's also plenty of pits and lives to be had. Lava Caves love your lives.

This longplay bites and throws (and gets hit a LOT!) through all 130 events and try to open as many chests as possible (at least I get all the weapons.) There are some spots where I grind a bit (Leaf Butterfly, getting 150k AP, maxing red EXP. All at the beginning). Some events aren't cleared immediately because this game has quite a few missable events, which cause me to replay this game twice. The offenders are destroying the barrel in Mushroom Forest and finishing Yan's Hide-and-Seek game before going to the Hidden Village. There IS one event I missed (Biting Plant Flower. EASILY missed at the beginning of the game), but the game gives you a free pass on that one by doing the Let's Make Candy event (Biting Plant Flower is one of the items needed to complete it, which you get MUCH later in the game).

Masakari Jungle death was intentional. Want me to play through this whole game with a black-and-white Tomba? =P

-hums Event Clear theme-


August 14 2018 06:01:30
Download 85
Length 04:34:25
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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