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25-09-2020 05:48
Yeah, the original entry was submitted back in 2017 and is even scheduled for YT: https://www.longpl

25-09-2020 02:00
I didn't see Blue's Clues: Blue's Alphabet Book was already recorded. If the admins want to delete my longplay of it, go right ahead.

17-09-2020 18:43
@Spazbo4 Darn tootin' I am. Wink

17-09-2020 18:33
@DiggerandIndy i hope you are going to 100% all 3 mario games in mario 3d all stars as i was planning on doing that

13-09-2020 17:13
I'm back

13-09-2020 16:06
I'm fewds but my account is doesn't work because that theme im using another theme but he's tell me ''Fatal Error'' soo im using New account

13-09-2020 14:39
@fewds Hello.

12-09-2020 22:51
I'm a newbie here

12-09-2020 22:37
yo guys Smile

30-08-2020 19:44
Please disregard the "Amazing Bumpman" file. I accidentally uploaded the wrong name, it's under "Colecovision - Amazing Bumpman".

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Downloads: Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd (a)
Downloads Home > PlayStation 3 > Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd (a)

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd (a)

(totally not CTRL-C, CTRL-V. TOTALLY NOT!)
Rhythm game by Crypton Media Future (and Sega).

Involves virtual DIVA Hatsune Miku (and other Vocaloids). Old songs from past DIVA games return along with some new songs. Oh, and there's even MORE earworms, distractions, and butt-shaking to screw your concentration. This time, unlike the English release of Project DIVA f/F, this one has ACTUAL translated songs (with approval from the artists...or something.) Only one song wasn't translated: Kagerou Daze. Another neat feature I liked that was added was importing Japanese data via Cross Save. Best. Thing. EVAR!

Like all the other DIVA games, you [still still] mash buttons, d-pad, and flick analogs to triggers. To mix things up, new triggers were added: link scratch/flick, where star note goes along a line and you have to hit the note when it reaches the star, and double scratch/flick, which involves using both analog sticks. The Intense Singing of Hatsune Miku, the hardest song in the series...methinks, is nerfed, but it is still hard as hell. Harder than 2D Dream Fever? Debatable.

This longplay mashes through Free Rhythm mode on mostly Hard with a few Extreme clears. All Chance Times are cleared. No Perfects were obtained. No Challenge items used (and they are different from PDF items). Tutorial song isn't played (it even has Ievan Polkka...on EXTREME!) nor Edit mode. =X As mentioned: Kagerou Daze doesn't have a translation, so I turned on Romaji (doing it was edited out). Apparently, I was unaware of DLC. That, too, is left out. =X Shame, as it contains 2 of my favorite songs: Rolling Girl and Beyond A Duodecillion. MIGHT make a separate video of it. I THINK Sega might've changed things up a bit: I did the Chance Time right for Melt...but it didn't play the event. Same thing happened with Kagerou Daze.

Information reflects the main longplay. There is a separate video containing the PVs of the games with the module selected by using Auto option. The game insisted on giving Luka her ordinary module for Double Lariat. White dress module for Melt wasn't selected. I left that as is. Catwalk Envy may be SLIGHTLY out of place due to not giving Miku the cat tail. =X I just let it roll.

PV file info is ~3.19 GB @ 02:14:46.

And the name of the disease: 2D Dream Fever (Fi-ba-ba-ba!)


February 21 2015 01:27:18
Download 503
Length 02:57:45
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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