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23-02-2020 05:49
@FlangEG: There is the Support section at the forums. Make a thread about your request to be a Longplayer.

23-02-2020 01:20
@KAGE I don't like servers like IRC or Discord. Is there an alternate way?

22-02-2020 13:39
@KAGE-008 Doh! My bad. And I double-checked, too.

22-02-2020 04:42
Also @Digger, wasn't that Ganpuru game done already?

22-02-2020 04:33
@FlangEG: You could ask the admins either via Discord or IRC for the Longplayer role (obviously after submitting your video to the FTP first).

21-02-2020 23:56
@FlangEG First is to let the moderators know that you want to be a longplayer via Shoutbox. Second is to look in the support section in the forums.

21-02-2020 23:50
I have just done my first longplay for Distance, a parkour racing game. How do I submit it?

21-02-2020 09:58
@KAGE-008 where can I contact you? Smile (j2me)

17-02-2020 14:10
@Spazbo4 Pardon me, princess. Wink

17-02-2020 05:55
@DiggerandIndy: I have already completed sonic mania for switch and included the plus DLC

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Downloads: Ikki Tousen: Xross Impact
Downloads Home > PlayStation Portable > Ikki Tousen: Xross Impact

Ikki Tousen: Xross Impact

Beat 'em up based on the Japanese comic/cartoon series by Marvelous Entertainment.

Picking up some time ago after Eloquent Fist...there's...something about a Battle...Hunting...tournament...or something..and a girl trying to be a hero. plot!! BUT...there's ripped clothing and bewbz. :3

Plays like Eloquent Fist, but is more polished. There's more combos, aerial combos, more characters to play with, and a partner system of sorts. Oh, and assists. There's also a skill thing going on, like one skill that slows the special gauge consumption when you activate Magatama mode (that's what I call it.). Without said skill, you only get, what, 3 seconds of usage out of it. =P

This longplay MASHES TEH BUTTON through all 3 story modes on Normal. Hard mode would've dragged on...and on....and on (mooks having 3-4 life bars), based on last time I was doing it (it made me stop, and I was on the 3rd story.) No clean save was used because I would end up mashing the same buttons and there would be no aerial raves, shorter Magatama shenanigans, no Level 2 Special, and no Air Special. The ???? abilities aren't unlocked. Some of them are overpowered I think (and they aren't easy to unlock anyway, from what I read.)


January 29 2013 21:44:36
Download 574
Length 09:03:36
Language Japanese

Download (right click save as):
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