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23-02-2020 05:49
@FlangEG: There is the Support section at the forums. Make a thread about your request to be a Longplayer.

23-02-2020 01:20
@KAGE I don't like servers like IRC or Discord. Is there an alternate way?

22-02-2020 13:39
@KAGE-008 Doh! My bad. And I double-checked, too.

22-02-2020 04:42
Also @Digger, wasn't that Ganpuru game done already?

22-02-2020 04:33
@FlangEG: You could ask the admins either via Discord or IRC for the Longplayer role (obviously after submitting your video to the FTP first).

21-02-2020 23:56
@FlangEG First is to let the moderators know that you want to be a longplayer via Shoutbox. Second is to look in the support section in the forums.

21-02-2020 23:50
I have just done my first longplay for Distance, a parkour racing game. How do I submit it?

21-02-2020 09:58
@KAGE-008 where can I contact you? Smile (j2me)

17-02-2020 14:10
@Spazbo4 Pardon me, princess. Wink

17-02-2020 05:55
@DiggerandIndy: I have already completed sonic mania for switch and included the plus DLC

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Downloads: Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth
Downloads Home > PlayStation Portable > Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

Forewarning: there will be slowdown. It is noticeable when a spell is used and on some PWS. Sometimes, FRAPS, for some unknown reason, slows crap down (jump from 60 to 40-50 or something). Dunno why. -_- At the Sunken Shrine, all battles are slow. Blame RemoteJoyLite. I NEED that EXP for Shiho. I refuse to use the EXP Orb.

Basic info:
This is a port of the (supposedly) Japanese version of Valkyrie Profile for the PSX (NA version is better, even if there is censoring). Follow the adventures of my favorite ponytailed goddess Lenneth Valkyrie as she goes around Midgar to recruit warriors for the final battle: Ragnarok. Why yes, I am obsessed with the ponytail (and her bangs o_o; ). The mode of choice is Hard mode (the definitive mode), which is the only way to get Ending A, and more stuff is unlocked in this mode. This game really isn't grindy and I say it is normal to [almost] OTK some of the bosses...that is if you have a good team. For Cave of Oblivion, I abuse Tome of Alchemy to get easy EXP. For the later ones with chests, I "manipulate" RNG to spawn all chests. All endings are shown. The difference from PSP and PSX version are removal of two anime cutscenes and the placement of CGI cutscenes. I prefer no cutscenes, thanks.

Chapter summary:
Chapter 0: Tutorial bullmong. Misty is a princess.
Chapter 1: Lots and lots o' fighting. I need dat EXP. Ending C is shown at the beginning.
Chapter 2: Lawfer practice, raised Attack Pow, only to find that I am now breaking the game in half. Bow Valkyrie will be used for a LONG time. She is better that way.
Chapter 3: I get Nanami (second favorite mage) + Dragonbane + Lightning Bolt = EZMode. Oh, and Ash kills a mermaid.
Chapter 4: I get Aelia. There is a lot o' crap to do in this chapter. Lezard (who I dub as Meowth) is fought. I get lost in the tower, find the Creation Gem, and proceed to make super powerful crap (like the Crimson Edge).
Chapter 5: Not a whole lot to do. A long cutscene with Jessie and Meowth. I wasn't going to take crap from the Citadel of Flame boss. (cue: Icicle Sword)
Chapter 6: I get Shiho (my favorite mage), epic encounters in the Sunken Shrine (trying to level up Shiho). Please bear with the slowdown. -_- Now that all necessary scenes shown. I am now locked for Ending A.
Chapter 7: Nothing much to do in this one. I got lost in the Tomb of Amenti. The boss was a letdown (this game ISN'T grindy). I went back to the Clockwork Mansion to get Guts book to change into an Avoid book. I facepalm'd myself on missing it. "Off camera", I kept reloading file to view get the Gram, a very powerful sword, from the Sacred Phase.
Chapter 8: A very short chapter, really. It's just the dungeons.
Ending B: Bloodbane is ASS! Berserker Bow is unreliable. Surt gets [almost] OTK'd.
Ending A: Best ending. Bloodbane is still an ass, but gets raped quickly. I could've OTK'd Fenrir by using a Heavy Warrior and Infernas, but I decided not to. Final boss was a pushover (Extension Force hits hard though.)
Seraphic Gate: Bonus area with typical tri-Ace stuff, like super tough bosses. I took my time on Lezard to get a Glance Reviver. Freya was being just plain powerful as usual. Brahms get OTK'd, so no Bloody Curse shenanigans. Gabriel Celeste was manageable. I fought a Loki Shade to get another Ethereal Divide (for Lawfer). Iseria Queen was a handful. Should I continue to clear the Seraphic Gate, I can get the awesome (and unreliable) Angel Slayer. I made it to 5 clears. As a bonus, I decide to fight the Hamsters, the hardest enemies in the game. The file used was my file from when I played through the game the first time. The only ways to get past the Hamsters easily are Poison Blow, Guts, Auto Item, and not one, but two, Angel Curios. Tri-Emblem does CRAP. First fight was me putting in zero effort to defeat them. Second fight was me going cheap on them: 3 mages, Poison Blow, and Spell Reinforce.
To quote Hank Hill: "Furry bastard."


February 08 2011 21:00:50
Download 1331
Length 18:36:21
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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