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17-09-2020 18:43
@Spazbo4 Darn tootin' I am. Wink

17-09-2020 18:33
@DiggerandIndy i hope you are going to 100% all 3 mario games in mario 3d all stars as i was planning on doing that

13-09-2020 17:13
I'm back

13-09-2020 16:06
I'm fewds but my account is doesn't work because that theme im using another theme but he's tell me ''Fatal Error'' soo im using New account

13-09-2020 14:39
@fewds Hello.

12-09-2020 22:51
I'm a newbie here

12-09-2020 22:37
yo guys Smile

30-08-2020 19:44
Please disregard the "Amazing Bumpman" file. I accidentally uploaded the wrong name, it's under "Colecovision - Amazing Bumpman".

30-08-2020 03:14
Ask any admin here for the Longplayer role after uploading your video to our FTP first.

28-08-2020 11:46
Ok, it's added

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Downloads: Chikyu Kaiho Gun ZAS
Downloads Home > Game Boy > Chikyu Kaiho Gun ZAS

Chikyu Kaiho Gun ZAS

Interesting vertical shooter on the Gameboy. While quite short, it can be quite difficult especially on later levels that have you flying through thin tunnelled parts while being shot at. The game also features some nice music. As far as I can tell, it was also a Japanese only release.

On 2 levels, the game uses screen flipping to give a parallax type effect by flipping two scrolling backgrounds at a different rate giving the illusion of more detail then you would usually see in a Gameboy title. On the original hardware exploiting the slow refreshing lcd screen was a great way to add some extra bling without a significant performance cost but with emulation and our instant refreshing screens the effect is a very annoying flicker effect making the game very difficult to play.

I have provided a blended video merging the flickering screens to make the video much easier to watch. An artefact of the blending is a slightly blurred video but it is infinitely more watchable than without it. The original full framerate version is available to download as well via a link below should you want to try it and maybe try with some different blending filters.

Original Framerate Video: Get it here!


May 30 2015 23:28:59
Download 391
Length 00:25:38
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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