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04-06-2020 09:18
@Reinc Nice that you do Ren & Stimpy Space Cadet Adventures, you should also do Fire Dogs for SNES after i finished the other three SNES games. Smile

04-06-2020 08:35
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04-06-2020 08:34
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02-06-2020 00:31

31-05-2020 12:36
Hello I'm Uploaded Disney Princess (GBA) @tsunao

31-05-2020 06:35
Cony, Stop linking roms in the shoutbox. That's why I'm quiet now.

31-05-2020 04:40
Kaitou Saint Tail for the Game Gear Japanese

30-05-2020 00:52
I'm quiet now.

29-05-2020 16:32
Just here to record my longplay of Micro Machines V4 on PC.

28-05-2020 14:37
@Brian04510 You're not the only one. I accidentally recorded Mega Man Legends when somebody else did.

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Downloads: Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival
Downloads Home > Game Boy Advance > Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival

Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival

Made by Capcom in 2001.

Finally, a comeback by Kimu-kun!

I have never played Street Fighter before, until I got a hold of Super Street Fighter IV on the 3DS, a great port, very faithful to the console game (Sure, the background was static, but that's just a minor crimp in an excellent port, and not important).

Here we have a GBA version of the best versions of Street Fighter II, the Super/Turbo version, as I call it.

This version is sadly not perfect, as there is one major flaw in the game - the dreaded AKUMA GLITCH. When you play through the game fulfilling the criteria needed for fighting Akuma, the game crashes when you reach him. This can lead to the time trial times getting glitched up, making them impossible to beat, to graphic corruption! This was not in the Japanese version.

In this longplay, I play as Ryu through 10 opponents. And yes, I suck at this.
Level 4 is the difficulity level I picked.

1: T.Hawk - 0:55
2: Chun Li - 2:30
3: Guile - 04:11
Bonus: Car Crushing - 05:38
4: Fei Long - 06:19
5: Dee Jay - 08:02
6: Dhalsim - 10:14
Bonus: Barrel Busting - 11:54
7: Balrog - 12:33
8: Vega - 14:20
9: Sagat - 15:40
10: M.Bison - 17:04
Ryu's ending - 18:36

If you are going to get Street Fighter on the go, get Super Street Fighter IV on the 3DS, or Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX on the PSP!

Kimu-kun, over and out, and keep yo' soul!


November 30 2011 08:54:05
Download 564
Length 00:20:14
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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