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28-05-2020 03:10
use older version of it instead. Version 2 is the only one that works well on my end. Credits go to Mariofan

26-05-2020 08:03
Is there an alternate way to create an sfv file? QuickSFV isn't working with me for whatever reason.

25-05-2020 21:19
@LukasB401 Hello!

25-05-2020 20:37

25-05-2020 07:02
@Verloren500 — Please stop spamming the shoutbox with your request of the same game. Nobody of the active longplayers have interest in doing it, me included.

25-05-2020 04:12
Do a longplay of Disney Princess.

20-05-2020 21:13
Hydra for Arcade Games, please

14-05-2020 23:58
@Minerio Welcome! If you have any quesions, pleas either let us know or look in the forums for support.

14-05-2020 11:19
So,welcome guys,im new here:D Wink

13-05-2020 17:02
@Mariofan98 Thanks! I waited for a long time for my longplays to come up on YouTube. Smile

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Downloads: Advance Guardian Heroes
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Advance Guardian Heroes

Longplay of game Advance Guardian Heroes, from Game Boy Advance. Guardian Heroes is a very good (and difficult) game that gained fame in the Sega Saturn and win a sequel in Game Boy Advance and is a beat'em up with RPG elements. The story of GBA version revolves around the bizarre Zur, who revived Kanon who knows how and wants to dominate the world. In contrast, Princess Lucia meets soldiers who oppose the idea of evil Zur, who intend to take part in the Soul Sword and banish evil from the planet once and for all. In in Advance Guardian Heroes, the immortal Zur appears from nowhere, enlisting the heroes as servants of the gods and reviving Kanon with his special skills. Zur orders the heroes' souls to be pulled out, paving the way for Kanon to rebuild his Magic Kingdom and bring the peaceful world back under his malevolent control. The surviving royal soldiers form a resistance against Kanon, but their numbers are rapidly decimated by the powerful mage. In a last desperate attempt they summon the power of the Soul Sword and ask for help from the soul of a hero from the other world. But a soul can not enter the world without a body to accept it, and so an unknown soldier volunteers himself as asacrifice. Now, together with the Princess Lucia, the unknown soldier heads to once again take control of the legendary Soul Sword to become a legend... and save the earth. The best way to combat this in the game is to use counter attack, because without him nothing good is possible, the enemies are very strong and will be a real problem for our heroes face to save the Earth from the evil Magic Kingdom. The main character of this version has no name, and must choose between three forces: Enn (Fire Power), Ray (Thunder Power) and Hyu (Ice power) and the characters are from the original version (Han, Randy, Ginjirou, and Nicole) you must fight them in the game so they help you with your powers (It is possible to play with characters of original version with donation of points in the Laboratory after each stage or in another modes, like time attack). The longplay is done with best ending, without devil mode and in Super Hard mode!

Stage 1: 4:49
Stage 2: 17:42
Stage 3: 32:40
Stage 4: 1:03:34
Stage 5: 1:26:05
Final Stage: 2:16:57


October 13 2012 10:50:04
Download 460
Length 02:37:50
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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