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31-05-2020 12:36
Hello I'm Uploaded Disney Princess (GBA) @tsunao

31-05-2020 06:35
Cony, Stop linking roms in the shoutbox. That's why I'm quiet now.

31-05-2020 04:40
Kaitou Saint Tail for the Game Gear Japanese

30-05-2020 00:52
I'm quiet now.

29-05-2020 16:32
Just here to record my longplay of Micro Machines V4 on PC.

28-05-2020 14:37
@Brian04510 You're not the only one. I accidentally recorded Mega Man Legends when somebody else did.

28-05-2020 13:35
I didn't realize Spazbo4 did Sonic CD first. I finally get a PC fast enough to record 1080p60 and I'm too late to record my favorite game.

28-05-2020 11:02
I'm quiet now.

28-05-2020 03:10
use older version of it instead. Version 2 is the only one that works well on my end. Credits go to Mariofan

26-05-2020 08:03
Is there an alternate way to create an sfv file? QuickSFV isn't working with me for whatever reason.

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Downloads: Mega Man Battle Network
Downloads Home > Game Boy Advance > Mega Man Battle Network

Mega Man Battle Network

This is a longplay of game Megaman Battle Network the first game in the Mega Man series to be an RPG. The story, however, takes place in a parallel dimension to the original series, the main character is a student called Lan Hikari.

Mega Man Battle Network is the first game in the Mega Man series to be an RPG. The story, however, takes place in a parallel dimension to the original series, the main character is Lan Hikari. The Megaman Battle Network series develops in a town called ACDC Town (would be a reference to the band of the same name?), where people are carriers of a type of computer program with very advanced Artificial Intelligence and able to feel emotions, NetNavis. Your NetNavi is MegaMan.EXE and this universe and all are able to interact with the internet in many places, even in dog houses and unusual places.

Early on already know who the enemy, an organization called the World Three (WWW), whose real goal is to destroy the world created by the Lan's grandfather, the Internet, and its leader is Dr. Wily. And Lan and Megaman.EXE will have to give jack in at several places to stop this threat.

Battle Network is a very good game and that stands out from other RPGs to include a lot of strategy. The battlefield is divided into two areas of nine squares each, and you can move Megaman.EXE for his action area. Another innovative thing are the chips that help the NetNavi, giving more firepower. Each Navi is partner of an operator, as Roll.EXE belonging to Mayl (Lan best friend), Gutsman.EXE belonging to Dex, Protoman.EXE belonging to Chaud and others.

A very innovative game, the entire video includes all the Power-Up and almost all Hp Memory (I believe i missed only one memory hp), and the vast majority of Chips and Navi Chips after many fights.


June 14 2015 10:53:30
Download 594
Length 20:09:36
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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