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25-05-2020 07:02
@Verloren500 — Please stop spamming the shoutbox with your request of the same game. Nobody of the active longplayers have interest in doing it, me included.

25-05-2020 04:12
Do a longplay of Disney Princess.

20-05-2020 21:13
Hydra for Arcade Games, please

14-05-2020 23:58
@Minerio Welcome! If you have any quesions, pleas either let us know or look in the forums for support.

14-05-2020 11:19
So,welcome guys,im new here:D Wink

13-05-2020 17:02
@Mariofan98 Thanks! I waited for a long time for my longplays to come up on YouTube. Smile

12-05-2020 16:02
@Verloren500 We're going to have to ask you to stop spamming the quickbox about that game, if nobody wants to do that game there is nothing that can do about it

12-05-2020 10:01
Disney Princess and Disney Princess: Magical Jewels?

12-05-2020 09:55
Congrats DiggerandIndy, Pikmin & Luigis Mansion are your first longplays they were landing on YT. When also first in an half year.

11-05-2020 20:35
Happy birthday Mariofan98!

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Started: 01.02.18

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Based on the original 2002 movie, starring Vin Diesel, it's a not too bad game, but it could be better if the motorbike sessions haven't so horrible controls because the platform/shooting sessions are fine.

00:01:04 Level 1
00:06:00 Level 2
00:16:03 Level 3 (Motorbike level 1)
00:19:25 Level 4
00:26:48 Level 5
00:35:30 Level 6 (Motorbike level 2)
00:39:53 Level 7
00:49:15 Level 8
01:02:25 Level 9 (Motorbike level 3)
01:08:16 Level 10
01:17:46 Level 11
01:27:35 Level 12 (Yorgi)


October 03 2015 12:33:59
Download 418
Length 01:31:25
Language English

Download (right click save as):
Segafan on October 05 2015 15:35:49

Has the longplay the audio out of sync? Because I watch it but I hear the audio not syncronized...

MadMatty on October 05 2015 17:14:18

Why did you upload it then if it goes out of sync >Sad

Segafan on October 06 2015 10:41:46

Simply because i forgot to control the video, i was thinking it was fine like Ecks vs Sever, but in future i will upload Gba longplays only in mp4 format, because mkv on Gba games sucks. But if the video isn't good, why the program accept the video?

MadMatty on October 06 2015 17:19:56

Because it doesn't initially look out of sync and I don't watch the whole video before processing as nothing will get done, and there is an element of trust in the upload process.

Now I have to look at your uploads more closely so they will sit in the cue longer now until time is found to inspect them fully.

Segafan on October 07 2015 09:24:10

Ok, I have reupload xXx in mp4 format now it doesn't go out sync.

Brian04510 on October 08 2015 06:49:16

Now, place it as "resubmitted" in the submission status page.

NPI on October 09 2015 10:51:32

No need to add it to resubmitted as it was reuploaded already, now it doesnt desync.

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