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25-05-2020 07:02
@Verloren500 — Please stop spamming the shoutbox with your request of the same game. Nobody of the active longplayers have interest in doing it, me included.

25-05-2020 04:12
Do a longplay of Disney Princess.

20-05-2020 21:13
Hydra for Arcade Games, please

14-05-2020 23:58
@Minerio Welcome! If you have any quesions, pleas either let us know or look in the forums for support.

14-05-2020 11:19
So,welcome guys,im new here:D Wink

13-05-2020 17:02
@Mariofan98 Thanks! I waited for a long time for my longplays to come up on YouTube. Smile

12-05-2020 16:02
@Verloren500 We're going to have to ask you to stop spamming the quickbox about that game, if nobody wants to do that game there is nothing that can do about it

12-05-2020 10:01
Disney Princess and Disney Princess: Magical Jewels?

12-05-2020 09:55
Congrats DiggerandIndy, Pikmin & Luigis Mansion are your first longplays they were landing on YT. When also first in an half year.

11-05-2020 20:35
Happy birthday Mariofan98!

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Downloads: Aero the Acro-Bat: Rascal Rival Revenge
Downloads Home > Game Boy Advance > Aero the Acro-Bat: Rascal Rival Revenge

Aero the Acro-Bat: Rascal Rival Revenge

Inspired in part by the "mascots with attitude" trend that was common following the introduction of Sonic the Hedgehog, the game features a red bat named Aero, who works and lives in a circus. He must defend the circus from an evil ex-clown called Edgar Ektor, who used to work in the same circus and wants it shut down forever. Aero must also deal with the sidekick Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel (who later had his own game).

Aero the Acro-Bat (also known as Aero the Acro-Bat: Rascal Rival Revenge on GBA) is a Mega Drive/Genesis and Super Nintendo game created by David Siller, developed by the now defunct Iguana Entertainment, and published by Sunsoft on October 1993.

The levels are played in typical 2D platforming, but in order to clear levels, the player must accomplish certain tasks so that the exit warp can be revealed. Those tasks include passing through hoops, stepping on platforms until they disappear, riding roller coasters, etc. There are 4 worlds with 5 levels in each one, and the levels are large, many of them containing awkwardly positioned spikes.

During the 16-bit era, Aero had a fair share of fame. Sunsoft used him as a mascot during the 16-bit console days. After the 16-bit decline, he disappeared and was forgotten until 2002, when Metro 3D decided to port this game for the Game Boy Advance, with a battery back-up (which the original versions lacked).

The GBA port is poorly done. It?s buggy and way too easy. Although I like the more elaborate animations, they were added at the cost of removing other animations from the 16-bit games. I like the facts that Aero?s mobility is improved by allowing him to maintain vertical and horizontal momentum after a drill attack, to move horizontally while hovering, and making him fall down quicker, but all this is spoiled by leaving level layout the same, which results at times in less fluid platforming, much easier obstacles, or a player?s ability to bypass a large difficult platforming section altogether in a single leap. The levels were changed slightly in comparison to 16-bit versions, removing enemies and spikes in many places as well as filling level space with more items (all of which I might or might not have picked up ? I tried, at least). Sources of instant death were greatly reduced, some difficult enemies were removed from the game, and all enemies were dumbed down and given one single hit point, which makes game even easier, and, as if this wasn?t enough, all enemies often drop health pickups, practically giving players the ability to fly through an entire level, since, if Aero takes damage mid-air, drill and hover are cancelled and can be done again. Also, Aero runs slower, and his vision is more limited, which spells trouble in a game with spacious levels, objects that are necessary to find to progress in the game, highly mobile protagonist and spikes all over the place. And then the game is made easier still by the facts that each star pick-up gives five stars instead of one, and that shooting more than ten stars in rapid succession makes Aero invincible for the rest of the round. Stars can now be shot while running or crouching, which is the only improvement in the game with no drawbacks.


February 18 2016 12:35:14
Download 243
Length 01:41:56
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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