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31-05-2020 12:36
Hello I'm Uploaded Disney Princess (GBA) @tsunao

31-05-2020 06:35
Cony, Stop linking roms in the shoutbox. That's why I'm quiet now.

31-05-2020 04:40
Kaitou Saint Tail for the Game Gear Japanese

30-05-2020 00:52
I'm quiet now.

29-05-2020 16:32
Just here to record my longplay of Micro Machines V4 on PC.

28-05-2020 14:37
@Brian04510 You're not the only one. I accidentally recorded Mega Man Legends when somebody else did.

28-05-2020 13:35
I didn't realize Spazbo4 did Sonic CD first. I finally get a PC fast enough to record 1080p60 and I'm too late to record my favorite game.

28-05-2020 11:02
I'm quiet now.

28-05-2020 03:10
use older version of it instead. Version 2 is the only one that works well on my end. Credits go to Mariofan

26-05-2020 08:03
Is there an alternate way to create an sfv file? QuickSFV isn't working with me for whatever reason.

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Downloads: Worms World Party
Downloads Home > Game Boy Advance > Worms World Party

Worms World Party

00:02:45 - 00:22:20 Missions
00:22:30 - 04:12:06 Deathmatch
04:12:28 - 06:25:34 Custom games

Worms World Party is an artillery strategy game. It was developed by Team17 as the seventh game in the Worms series, and was released in 2001. It was the last 2D Worms game before the series' three-year stint in 3D. The GBA port was developed by Fluid Studios and published by Ubi Soft Entertainment (now known as Ubisoft). The player uses a team of Worms against another team of Worms, which controlled by a computer or human opponent. The goal is to kill the Worms on the other team using various weapons and be the last surviving Worm(s).

Gameplay is turn-based, with each team moving in sequence across two-dimensional terrain. During a single turn, a team can only move one of its Worms. Worms can walk and jump, as well as (when the proper items are available) teleport, use Ninja Rope, jump with a Bunjee, Parachute down or fly with a Jetpack. Each worm begins the round with a specific amount of health, which is predefined by the chosen game options. When hit with a weapon, the Worm will lose health depending on the power of the weapon and the directness of the hit. A Worm can be killed either by having its health reduced to zero or being knocked into the water around and below the level.

The GBA port lacks the head-stuck-in-ground animation, the shotgun shot animation is broken, and the game has many mechanical differences compared to the PC original. Uzi doesn't cause slide and has almost no knockback, it also requires greater distance to be used safely, similar to 16 bit ports; Shotgun, on the other hand, has knockback similar to the PC version's Uzi; Mines have weak knockback; Grenades and Bazooka can easily deal over 50 damage; Grenades tend to get stuck within Oil Drums and may roll uphill, if they lose momentum; Cluster Bombs and Mortar cause bigger explosion which helps to make them a little less than completely useless; it is much easier to jump onto a high piece of terrain; fall damage doesn't apply until greater heights; Sheep and Super Sheep have insane knockback but Sheep has lower damage; Ninja Rope is ridiculously unwieldy and is almost useless; Oil Drums do not produce fire, do less damage and tend to overwrite a weapon's damage rather than add to it, unless an explosion is far enough from the Oil Drum but still close enough to blow it up; fire doesn't burn into the ground, unless the Firex2 Wormpot setting is on, and even then it burns throughout several turns in real time rather than within one turn; lingering fire from Petrol Bomb is affected by changes of wind; Prod causes almost no knockback and thus is completely useless; Banana Bomb here works like a Cluster Bomb with more damage, and Super Banana Bomb just does even more damage, so it doesn't split multiple times; Kamikaze and Fire Punch have less fly range; Worms' death explosion is weird because it deals between 8 to 55 damage and I don't know why, it also has damage range that is much smaller than its explosion range.

The AI is braindead and is even more of a cheater than in other console ports. It always targets the human player even when enemy Worms from another AI team are nearby. It never acknowledges weapon crates' existence and doesn't use special weapons even after crates with them fall right on their head.

I didn't show that Homing Missile can swim underwater. I play through Mission mode, then get the highest rank in Deathmatch mode, then play custom games until all Wormpot settings, all landscapes, all terrain presets and all weapons are shown. At the end of the video I use a cheat to get special weapons which would otherwise only be dropped with a very low chance. The cheat is:
1) Press Select, highlight Skip Go and press A once;
2) Press Select, hold L, Down, and B;
3) Press Select four more times while still holding the above buttons.


October 02 2016 03:50:16
Download 263
Length 06:27:08
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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