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31-05-2020 06:35
Cony, Stop linking roms in the shoutbox. That's why I'm quiet now.

31-05-2020 04:40
Kaitou Saint Tail for the Game Gear Japanese https://edgeemu.n.

30-05-2020 00:52
I'm quiet now.

29-05-2020 16:32
Just here to record my longplay of Micro Machines V4 on PC.

28-05-2020 14:37
@Brian04510 You're not the only one. I accidentally recorded Mega Man Legends when somebody else did.

28-05-2020 13:35
I didn't realize Spazbo4 did Sonic CD first. I finally get a PC fast enough to record 1080p60 and I'm too late to record my favorite game.

28-05-2020 11:02
I'm quiet now.

28-05-2020 03:10
use older version of it instead. Version 2 is the only one that works well on my end. Credits go to Mariofan

26-05-2020 08:03
Is there an alternate way to create an sfv file? QuickSFV isn't working with me for whatever reason.

25-05-2020 21:19
@LukasB401 Hello!

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Downloads: Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
Downloads Home > Game Boy Advance > Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

Fact: Xbox 360 D-Pad sucks!
I am considering using my DS as a pad. Yes, it is possible with a R4 flashcart, some other programs, and some homebrew. Wink Sadly, you cant use it properly for stylus-heavy games. =/

To the topic at hand:
Up there as a difficult Metroidvania game (I put this as second, since Order of Ecclesia is harder). Still plays like good ol Symphony of the Night, but with a lack of a shop (ups the difficulty). Gameplay mechanic revolves around the Dual System Setup (DSS), where you combine two cards for various effects, like a Fire Whip (Mercury + Salamander), increasing attack (Venus + Salamander), and a fire sword (Mars + Salamander) to name a few. You can get a gun through DSS (Mars + Black Dog). :3 It sucks in my opinion.

THis is just a standard ol 100% Map Rate playthrough (I always do that), so that includes the hellish Battle Arena. =_= Also played as Vampirekiller (more classes are unlocked upon clearing the game. Others are Magician, Warrior, Shooter, and Thief). I am not the best at playing CotM (last time I played this was about 3 years ago). Took me awhile to adjust to the game. I also need to plan my routes better. =_= I try to get as many rooms as possible, but after the Chapel, I decided to just bumrush the game until I get the Roc Wing (the game's Gravity Boots). After that, I go around the world, covering as much as possible before going to the Observatory Tower. There are times where I had to go back to get a room, like Adrammalech boss room, Observatory Tower boss room (did this after Arena. -_-), and one small room in the Clock Tower (also after the Arena while I was replenish Hearts) Oh, and there will lots of map viewing and game pausing.

Trick of the trade: DSS glitch. Since I loathe grinding (especially for the cards), I decide to utilize the glitch, gaining access to combinations I cant even get at whatever point of the game...unless I was a Magician (like Summon Thunderbird on Cerberus and Summon Unicorn for regenrating health). The glitch is activated by activating the DSS, going into the menu, and switching around the card combination for whatever combination. I usually use the Diana + Manticore, since the poison ball breaks things in a few seconds (same can be said of the Crucifix). Somewhere, Summon Thunderbird is used to wreck Batman and the Zombie Dragons. Summon Unicorn is for the healing (Potions arent easy to get, yknow.)

Another trick of the trade: Luck manipulation. Since I was recording a movie and abusing savestate, all errors are not shown. The awesomeness of rerecording emulators. Anyway, I use luck manipulation to get 2 Double Grips (from Black Armors), Mirror Armor (from Devil), Black Dog Card (from Evil Armors), and Unicorn Card (from White Armors). All I had to do was weaken it, make a savestate, and keep killing at different intervals until I get whatever I want. I couldve did it for the cards, but I didnt feel like it. Technically, I am grinding, so it is rather ironic.


November 06 2010 12:21:32
Download 1416
Length 04:02:40
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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