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27-09-2020 06:52
you gotta show me when its done too

27-09-2020 04:59
That would be fantastic if you could! You're such a great resource for footage, I appreciate it a ton.

27-09-2020 02:14
I can add it in my next batch of longplays for october

27-09-2020 00:30
Hey, anyone know what's up with the backlog of approved longplays? I've been waiting on TLOU2 for a video I'm making, and it it's been uploaded but not approved for... a while.

25-09-2020 05:48
Yeah, the original entry was submitted back in 2017 and is even scheduled for YT: https://www.longpl

25-09-2020 02:00
I didn't see Blue's Clues: Blue's Alphabet Book was already recorded. If the admins want to delete my longplay of it, go right ahead.

17-09-2020 18:43
@Spazbo4 Darn tootin' I am. Wink

17-09-2020 18:33
@DiggerandIndy i hope you are going to 100% all 3 mario games in mario 3d all stars as i was planning on doing that

13-09-2020 17:13
I'm back

13-09-2020 16:06
I'm fewds but my account is doesn't work because that theme im using another theme but he's tell me ''Fatal Error'' soo im using New account

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Downloads: Motocross Championship
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Motocross Championship

Motocross Championship was released for the Sega 32x in 1994 and developed by Artech Studios.

The game is long and seems unfinished or under developed and surprising that the developer would have paid for the cartridges considering the state of the game. The game is not particularly hard but it is quite an eyesore and migraine inducing game with its low frame rate. Like nearly all racing games, it is more of a dual between you and another rider that will always claim first place if you don't. The other riders are just there to get in your way. However it is one of very few games where the ai riders are stupid enough to crash or fall off the bike so even if you crash or fall off, the race is not by any means over for you and you have a good chance to catch up. The draw distance is perhaps the biggest hurdle. Memorising the track will help a lot. Thankfully each race has a password for you to continue from.

There is not a whole lot of presentation in the game. Just practice or season mode. In practice mode you can choose a race and one of three bike classes. In season mode you play through all 12 tracks, unlocking the next class bike and going through again for a total of 36 races. The game is long and the reward is... barely existent and a throw back to early 80 games with a single congrats screen. Not even a credits role which i have to play manually. Now this is lazy, to top it off the congrats screen uses the same driver image that's used on ever race end screen. The game is missing a basic feature of choosing your player colours and bike decal colour. Having these would have helped presentation a little and maybe some different gfx on the win screens for the different tracks or classes. Something to keep you coming back for more, something new to see. Instead we got a game that more than earned its reputation as not just the worst 32x game, but as one of the worst games ever made.

Anyone familiar with the arcade game and ports of Enduro racer should be familiar with the controls. as well as normal acceleration, you can get a speed boost while leaning forward and you can get high clearing sizeable sections of track by leaning back at the peak of a climb. There is also a slight hint of road rash as you can punch and kick riders to the side of you to knock em off there bike however it does slow you down.

00:00:00 125cc Championship
00:52:55 250cc Championship
01:42:00 Super Bike Championship


August 07 2017 20:27:24
Download 228
Length 02:30:09
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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