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17-06-2019 06:38
My mistake on that. I'll fix during this week.

17-06-2019 05:51
Yup, what Spazbo4 said.

17-06-2019 05:03
looks like there is supposed to be 7 parts but only 3 are on the archive and is missing 16 hours

16-06-2019 11:57

15-06-2019 18:32
Hey, what happened to the other four parts of the Dark Souls 2 longplay? Smile

15-06-2019 18:17
then use a vpn

12-06-2019 23:10
Hello everyone. As unfortunate as it sounds only 3 of 4 videos of Watch Dogs 2 is avaliable the 1st part got Copyright Claim by Warner Music Group and it's blocked in my country

08-06-2019 05:48

07-06-2019 02:56
hello! i'm new here! Smile

04-06-2019 09:10
You could try joining the IIRC chat and one of us could explain it to you rather than using the shoutbox.

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Downloads: Lemmings


All of handheld ports of Lemmings, this is the most close to the Amiga original.

However it has it's own problems...

The cursor is a bit sluggish and the separate window for skill changing is quite tedious. Also pausing the game will stop the ingame tune which becomes a bit of annoyance later on...

Ignoring those problems the Lynx version is quite playable and it has an Atari like explosion too!


August 20 2016 12:26:01
Download 242
Length 04:48:15
Language English

Download (right click save as):
MadMatty on August 20 2016 12:28:38

Great Longplay and an amazing conversion considering the hardware. I don't have the patience for recording games like this so well done for recording a long and sometimes repetitive game after 100 levels Wink

Lemmy556 on August 20 2016 19:14:48

Thanks : )

At least this one got fast forward option making the building and waiting less tedious.

Lemmings is something I like to play once in a while and most of the ports have something different making the game and the version comparing interesting.

If you are ever in the mood of trying some obscure version of Lemmings, there is the ZX Spectrum version and it has just 60 levels! Ofc its slow, but considering the limits of the system, its a fine port, much better than NES and Gameboy versions...

ScHlAuChi on August 20 2016 23:50:12

I hope you dont mind that i fixed your comment to "close to the Amiga original" - as the Amiga version wasnt a port Smile
Good job in any case!

Lemmy556 on August 21 2016 09:08:39

That's fine : )

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