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17-06-2019 06:38
My mistake on that. I'll fix during this week.

17-06-2019 05:51
Yup, what Spazbo4 said.

17-06-2019 05:03
looks like there is supposed to be 7 parts but only 3 are on the archive and is missing 16 hours

16-06-2019 11:57

15-06-2019 18:32
Hey, what happened to the other four parts of the Dark Souls 2 longplay? Smile

15-06-2019 18:17
then use a vpn

12-06-2019 23:10
Hello everyone. As unfortunate as it sounds only 3 of 4 videos of Watch Dogs 2 is avaliable the 1st part got Copyright Claim by Warner Music Group and it's blocked in my country

08-06-2019 05:48

07-06-2019 02:56
hello! i'm new here! Smile

04-06-2019 09:10
You could try joining the IIRC chat and one of us could explain it to you rather than using the shoutbox.

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Downloads: Baseball Heroes
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Baseball Heroes

Not perfect playing by any means and some blunders. I tended to accept how things turned out but redid some bits. I think most things that can happen were shown in the video, but for some reason foul balls are very rare and didn't happen at all in the game I recorded. It's possible to bunt but I never did so.

There were some annoying aspects. Sometimes the batter just wouldn't swing. Also, hits to left or right field are hard to deal with because the camera switches to a view in which you can't see the ball until it is almost too late.

There are a few game modes (all of which support two players, though it was just me in this movie):

01:00 - Exhibition Game: A single game of baseball. You pick one of four fictional teams. For each position you can choose between two players with different stats, except there are four choices for the pitcher. After this you can adjust the batting order, and then the game begins.

49:45 - Three Files Up: You control an outfielder, and the other player controls a batter. When the ball is hit, you get 3 points if you catch the ball and 1 point otherwise. When you reach 9 or more points, the players switch roles. This continues indefinitely.

51:57 - Home Run Derby: This puts you at bat against a pitching machine, which will make 100 pitches. The goal is to hit at many home runs as you can.

There is a fourth mode, Final Series, which was not recorded. Believe me, you're not missing much. This is like Exhibition Game, but you play through a series of seven games (with no saving or passwords!). The mode does not end early even if one team reaches four wins. Between games, you can adjust your choice of players and the batting order. After each game, you are shown the final scores for all games up to that point. Nothing different happens after the seventh game. The mode just ends showing you all the scores, without so much as telling you which team won overall.


November 10 2018 10:03:39
Download 36
Length 01:08:25
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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