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19-08-2019 14:31
Got it. I assume it's under maintenence right now, so I'll try to get on it now and then.

19-08-2019 06:18
just keep checking on it every once in a while

17-08-2019 23:20
I tried to connect to FileZilla to upload a game like always and it keeps not connecting to the server. Is there some maintenence going on that I'm not aware of?

13-08-2019 00:03
I just realized I made some mistakes in the information to Mario's Picross. I've corrected it and hopefully there wasn't any confusion.

08-08-2019 22:54
I had birthday. Somebody, look to my request and play some of there, please: https://www.longpl

08-08-2019 15:16
Love the site. Keep it up!

08-08-2019 12:26
Backyard soccer ps1 season who played and uploaded

08-08-2019 12:24
Junior sports football upload

07-08-2019 16:57
I've set the file to re-process. It already gave an error that the video can not be saved yet it also shows edit in progress so we will see what happens.

07-08-2019 16:54
Something is messed up on Youtube for Part 7. It says 21 copyright claims - No Viewing restrictions. If you go through the playlist it says 'Blocked in Country' (UK for me)

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Downloads: Paperboy 2
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Paperboy 2

ZX Spectrum 48k (+3 Disk version)

Paperboy 2 was not an arcade port but created just for all the home computers and consoles of the time. This Spectrum version developed and released by Mindscape in 1992.

This is another one of those Spectrum games that could have been so much more. Its 1992 and the 8bit machines are fading away after a very long life. the 16bit wouldn't be around much longer either. Yet somehow they managed to make a game for the Spectrum 48k. The legendary Nick & Dave that brought us greats such as Trantor, Savage, Turtles and ..Captain Planet …. were back again and still would not utilise any features of the 128k machines. While the game is a blinder for 48k owners, I just think its was unacceptable to ignore 128k owners especially when this was put out on a floppy for +3 machines for £15.99. Its worth mentioning that the floppy is double sided and contains the Amstrad version as well.

As for the game, you start out with a classic 48 beeper tune before choosing to be a girl or boy rider. I chose girl to be different from other longplays of the game and noted that the image is not animated like the boy image would be. The game is very colorful which is surprising and welcome after the first game. It feels a bit choppy and control can feel oversensitive at times. aiming can be tricky but once you know where the boxes are on each house it becomes easier to line them up. Playing 2 sides of the street is an interesting addition and I find that there is a least one box on the left side is nearly impossible to hit. You can also ride behind the houses and get back to the street.

The video is much longer than I thought it would be but this is because the game has no end and just loops. However I noticed that even though we get back to easy street, the configuration and difficulty is different so I have recorded a second run of the game ….just because. Nothing new or interesting to show though.


March 24 2019 10:49:36
Download 38
Length 01:12:99
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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