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17-08-2019 23:20
I tried to connect to FileZilla to upload a game like always and it keeps not connecting to the server. Is there some maintenence going on that I'm not aware of?

13-08-2019 00:03
I just realized I made some mistakes in the information to Mario's Picross. I've corrected it and hopefully there wasn't any confusion.

08-08-2019 22:54
I had birthday. Somebody, look to my request and play some of there, please: https://www.longpl

08-08-2019 15:16
Love the site. Keep it up!

08-08-2019 12:26
Backyard soccer ps1 season who played and uploaded

08-08-2019 12:24
Junior sports football upload

07-08-2019 16:57
I've set the file to re-process. It already gave an error that the video can not be saved yet it also shows edit in progress so we will see what happens.

07-08-2019 16:54
Something is messed up on Youtube for Part 7. It says 21 copyright claims - No Viewing restrictions. If you go through the playlist it says 'Blocked in Country' (UK for me)

07-08-2019 15:06
Hello guys, can you tell me what happened to The Crew part 7 video on yt?

07-08-2019 00:28
UcqGMTxA for my second part of let's play

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Downloads: Vendetta


Spectrum 48k

Vendetta, a Spectrum conversion of the C64 game by System 3 in 1990.

"Your brother, a highly regarded professor who works for the ministry of Defence, has pulled you through a personal hell. If it wasn't for him, where would you be after your heroic career in the army came to an abrupt end. A one-time war hero, you had put your unit on the map. You were the best and they knew it. A role model to all the young rookies. Your methods, though questionable, got the right results. However, your type worried the men at the top: "no man is bigger than the job", you had to go...
Intent on obtaining the secret formula your brother had devised from developing the ultimate weapon, a blood-thirsty terrorist gang has kidnapped him and his daughter. The same terrorist syndicate you had dispersed in Saigon some years previously. Your work now seemed incomplete... You have to squash them once and for all...

The police think you were involved in kidnapping, so you must also endeavour to clear your name. Your paramilitary skills will be tested to the full. With your own personal collection of weaponry and an elite weapon system installed in your Ferrari F40, your strategic mission unfolds across the country.

There are docklands, army camps, airports and parks, all linked with hazardous driving sectors where possible death looms with every turning and every new piece of the puzzle solved.
This has become personal... This is now a Vendetta.

Another lazy conversion again taking no advantage of 128k Spectrums that had been out 4 years at this point. While the C64 game wasn't exactly difficult, the spectrum version is even easier as the enemies only kill you if you stand around and ignore them. 1 enemy will always be running on screen and it only takes a few stabs to finish them. The challenge comes from finding all the evidence in a 1 hour time limit which seems to countdown in double time in this version! The levels seem to get shorter and shorter as you progress and once you know where everything is the game is a cake walk.

I think it was good to have to different game types to break up the levels but those driving sections are quite short. really short with the last one and the final level is just walk to the end! Playing through this I even wonder if the developer doing the conversion even played through the C64 game as the spectrum version just seems like a rush job that had to be made in 20 days and released in whatever state it was in.


April 21 2019 10:24:52
Download 28
Length 00:13:30
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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