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29-03-2020 03:14
Why, yes! Did someone requested the DS Game?

28-03-2020 07:18
@Sophia9538: With all the tools available to record the games, why don't you do it yourself? Some people are just being impatient tbh.

28-03-2020 07:03
stop linking roms here

28-03-2020 06:19
I've requested Disney Princess Magical Jewels already. https://www.longp...po

28-03-2020 05:47
anybody else having problems uploading too

28-03-2020 01:04
@Tsunao: One of your future submissions reads 'Braeth', you might want to fix that. XD

27-03-2020 19:23
Request doesn't mean it is going to be done straight away or anytime soon! It only gets done if certain longplayer takes interest in your game

27-03-2020 05:43
ATTN those who are requesting stuff: You all need to be patient, some of our longplayers have other priorities in life.

27-03-2020 04:05
Brother Bear for Game Boy Advance?

27-03-2020 02:51
I'm gonna redo my Mario Tennis longplay. I think I know what I did wrong and it'll be under V2.

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