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14-03-2019 18:26
3pRzR3Y channel with half life content and other games.

25-02-2019 13:44
Good morning rise and shine everybody!

21-02-2019 19:24
The videos without the intros are still in the FTP.

21-02-2019 19:22
cause on my YT channel are all three UCL videos without the intros.

21-02-2019 19:17
My longplays of UCL 99/00 and 00/01 in the WOL yt channel are worldwide blocked. can someone uploading the videos without the intros?

21-02-2019 16:56
Hello guys. I am back! Wow! 750,000 subs! Next goal: 1 million subs!!! Congrats!

15-02-2019 21:00
Anyone know how to DL Giles directly to iPhone

14-02-2019 19:55
fantastic news!

14-02-2019 17:37
WoL has reached a milestone of 750,000 subs

12-02-2019 02:20
What about obscure Japanese games on PS1 or Saturn?

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Downloads: John Maddick in the Land of the Fallen Sabrina with the Silicon Boobies (Public Domain)
Downloads Home > Amiga 500 > John Maddick in the Land of the Fallen Sabrina with the Silicon Boobies (Public Domain)

John Maddick in the Land of the Fallen Sabrina with the Silicon Boobies (Public Domain)


Censored for YouTube. The uncensored video can be downloaded from WoL,

Couldn't find a proper walkthrough. One was on EAB, but was only about half the steps needed to complete the game. Another one existed on a Amiga "docs" disk, but with super bad grammar/spelling/explanation, so didn't understand much. At one point it said to type "wash yourself", which I tried but didn't work. Got stuck at that point for a while, then thought the person who made the game maybe didn't spell it right (as I've already seen other errors), so I tried "wash your self", and THAT worked, LOL (yet they HAVE used "yourself" in the girl's dialogue). One would think that if the person who wrote the walkthrough on the "docs" disk got through the game and thus knew what to do (apparently), why not spell it "your self"? I did have 3 versions of the game in my Tosec though. One was labeled "v1.2", the other two had no version number, and one of those two had "h PDX" (h=hacked, I think. Just a lame intro exe added). I checked the files and there were no difference in the main game file names or sizes between the 3 versions. So pretty sure it's "your self" in all 3. The 1.2 just had some extra stuff added to it, like text on the WB screen while the game loads, and some other crap.

They tried to go for a Sierra look. Too bad the didn't make the score counter work.

I have to exit through the window as the only other way out (at the moment) seems to be blocked by my parents holding knives ready to kill me, or whatever it was. Already forgot Pfft Couldn't make them kill me though. But according to the "docs" walkthough, I should watch out or they kill me. *edit* OK, checked the walkthough and he said: "Try not to be killed by yar parents (Fresh sharpened knife.)"

Added some stuff at the end when you fail.


June 06 2015 10:54:57
Download 462
Length 00:13:21
License: PD
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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