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17-02-2020 14:10
@Spazbo4 Pardon me, princess. Wink

17-02-2020 05:55
@DiggerandIndy: I have already completed sonic mania for switch and included the plus DLC

14-02-2020 06:22
@KAGE-008: no i played the US version but when it was submitted as a longplay the person who processed it was supposed to give it both EU and US names for the game

14-02-2020 03:27
@Spazbo4 Whoops, my bad! I didn't see that. We just call it Beyond Oasis here in America.

13-02-2020 20:21
@Spazbo4: Hmm... so you played the EU version?

13-02-2020 19:50
the name of the longplay is called story of thor - beyond oasis, because story of thor is the name for the game in PAL regions

13-02-2020 18:58
@Digger: Regarding Beyond Oasis: Spazbo did that one already back in 2010, but... are you going to replace it?

12-02-2020 22:50
I just realized I doubled the screen size of Puyo Puyo Champions. Please disregard my submission, it will be under V2.

11-02-2020 13:08
Cheers! Smile

11-02-2020 11:53

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Started: 01.02.18

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Based on the comic book by Alfonso Azpiri. (the box art

Impossible game I've heard/read, and I would agree. You only have 3 lives and 12 bullets. Losing a life or completing a level won't give you new/more bullets. There's no bullet pickups either. Completing a level will not even refill your energy. Don't think anyone has ever completed this game without cheat codes or trainers.

As I wouldn't get more bullets later, I didn't want to waste them. So I tried hard to figure out if there were ways to defeat these monsters without using bullets and without dying. I noticed that if I get in the middle of them, they can't hit me, but I can hit them. So that's my main tactic on level 1. Second way would be to jump over those platforms so they fall down when following me. Without these two ways, you most of the time can't avoid getting hit when you try to hit them.

Checked videos on YouTube from people who've recorded a bit from this game. None of them made it past level one (should be relatively easy with the 12 bullets), and I'm sure if they DID, they would NOT make it past level 2.

02:01 - The intro music is over, time to play.

03:45 - These dudes one-shot you if you get hit by a bullet. They shoot at you as soon as you can see them. I bet most people lose 1-2 lives there (if you got to him with all 3 lives and die twice, he will be gone as you spawn further ahead), but one more will come later on anyway. Like with the monsters, I jump in to get as close as possible, which makes this dude use a melee attack instead. They die from one bullet themselves, but needs 4 hits from my normal attacks.

05:49 - RETARDED difficulty! This level is SO hard. You will die very quickly on this level. Usually when hitting something (not the enemies, though) you lose a bit of energy, but quite often ALL your energy will be taken away instead from a hit. And there's TWO of these flying levels!

07:52 - I'm jealous of these lucky bastards who gets to hug her, and while they do, she can't do anything about it Pfft Wanted to see if I could kill him after he finished hugging me, as they otherwise just turn around when getting hit if they come at you. But nope... think more hits wouldn't have made a difference.

08:14 - Jumping is done by pressing up, and while jumping she makes a sound. BUT, I can also jump by pressing up-right, and for some reason when right is included, she doesn't make the sound. That's what I'm showing here, and maybe have a few times already, but wasn't sure. (I like to show and tell about weird stuff I find Pfft).

08:54 - Have to move slowly forward so I don't trigger too many enemies at the same time. First time I walked there I got 4 of them spawning, all within just a few steps. But thanks to savestates, I could redo it and be more careful. There are a few places where spawn points are too close to each other and you get easily more than you can handle without avoiding getting hit. This is the reason why you sometimes see me go a little at a time.

10:12 - This dude almost one shots you if you are unlucky. I use the same "jump in" tactic here as well. He's made up of two green dudes, and one dies when he's defeated. The one running couldn't be killed, not even from my bullets.

12:30 - Took a lot of running around before I knew where to go so I could collect all the armor parts. Took notes on where to go before recording, like usual.

Couldn't find a manual so don't know the story and stuff. Like, why did she need the armor parts? (building a robot? Looked like one lying down in the thingy at the end) Why was an alien guarding the thingy?... As it's based on a comic book, I guess I could find a lot of answers if I found and read some of them.

I usually include special things like deaths and stuff that wasn't shown during the recording, but only things this time would have been when she dies on the flying level, and showing the weapon shoot as I never used it (last chance was at the alien at the end, but was cooler hitting him than shooting). I upped these things in another video instead

The intro music has an instrument/sample that sounds broken, but I guess it should be like that. Checked someone else's recording of the intro on YouTube and it has the same "broken" sound. So, either the musician wanted it like that, or maybe it's a bad disk dump. Don't think it's an emulation problem.

EDIT: downloaded the music module and the sample that sounds broken has an extra part in the beginning of the sample. Cutting that extra part would fix the music. Wonder if this .mod was ripped from the same dump I used, or it actually is like that on the original disk.

Damn these sound clicks/pops. They are caused by loading/saving states. Too lazy to edit them out like I usually do.


September 08 2015 18:49:10
Download 374
Length 00:17:05
Language English

Download (right click save as):
Charlieoneeyed on September 21 2015 11:15:56

Sounds Ridiculous, can't wait to watch. Thank you a bunch

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