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14-03-2019 18:26
3pRzR3Y channel with half life content and other games.

25-02-2019 13:44
Good morning rise and shine everybody!

21-02-2019 19:24
The videos without the intros are still in the FTP.

21-02-2019 19:22
cause on my YT channel are all three UCL videos without the intros.

21-02-2019 19:17
My longplays of UCL 99/00 and 00/01 in the WOL yt channel are worldwide blocked. can someone uploading the videos without the intros?

21-02-2019 16:56
Hello guys. I am back! Wow! 750,000 subs! Next goal: 1 million subs!!! Congrats!

15-02-2019 21:00
Anyone know how to DL Giles directly to iPhone

14-02-2019 19:55
fantastic news!

14-02-2019 17:37
WoL has reached a milestone of 750,000 subs

12-02-2019 02:20
What about obscure Japanese games on PS1 or Saturn?

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Started: 01.02.18

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Released in 1992, also known as Rebel Racer. A Tron-like game, but with cars instead of bikes.

Some info from Hall of Light:

Budget re-release version published in 1993 by Top Shots/Softgold in Germany under the title REBEL RACER (on both the box and the disk label). The in-game title still reads "CORX"; the text on the back of the box and the game manual are entirely in German.

This game has been longplayed before, but needed to be redone as it had sound delay, not correctly cropped, screens not centered (yeah, I'm picky), not good enough sound quality, didn't show the game menu, and had "1992"/"SKID ROW !!!" instead of "1991"/"STARBYTE !!!" as he played a cracked version. But one thing that's better with his movie is he played on the default PRO Computer Mode, whereas I went with EASY as I tried PRO first and found it difficult to trap the CPU (would have made it eventually, but didn't wanna spend too much time playing) as he moves WAY faster than me when he uses the SPEED. The SPEED key is mainly for moving through the thingies, and you only have 3 charges, but what's not fair is I move at normal speed when using it, but the computer does not. I tried a bunch of stuff and couldn't get my speed faster. The difference between EASY and PRO is the CPU doesn't move as fast in EASY when he uses SPEED.

Should have made some more/longer lines so I at least could have ended up on the highscore table. Didn't know lowest required was 20.000 points.

Yup, no special ending, just "bye bye".


October 03 2015 12:25:07
Download 238
Length 00:06:45
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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