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21-05-2019 15:16
Please dont spam the shoutbox - make a thread on the forum instead!

18-05-2019 23:11
I played WWF Superwrestlemania Megadrive Longplay: Superwrestlemania 1: https://www.youtub
rqvh-qk or Super Wrestlemania 2: https://www.youtub

17-05-2019 12:09
I played Spider-Man VS The Kingpin Megadrive Longplay. Check this out: https://www.youtub

17-05-2019 12:05
I'm so sorry about that, so I replaced the video so many times for Spider-Man VS The Kingpin. So I have another link of it.

16-05-2019 08:21
I played Spider-Man VS The Kingpin Megadrive Longplay. Check this out: https://www.youtub

14-05-2019 01:23

07-05-2019 09:50
: D

29-04-2019 21:58
Frederikct112 I did.

29-04-2019 09:39
Go here @Longplays832 https://www.longp.

29-04-2019 07:53
World of Longplays, can Y'all make xbox360 Longplays and Game Cube Longplays?

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Started: 01.02.18

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Downloads: B.C. Kid

B.C. Kid


Release year: 1992

Great platformer on just one floppy disk (the 880k type)

I accidentally noticed the only Amiga walkthrough of this game and how terrible it was. It left out the outro, had gfx errors, didn't show secrets, not cropped, only 25 fps when the game actually is 56fps, etc. I just HAD to do a new version.

Last time I played this game was back in 2006. It was just a speedrun of level 1

I spent over 6 hours on this game. Tried to find a lot of secrets and pull off stuff. I show some extensive juggling and "flying" on the first level so people see what's possible (and I don't have to think about doing it later). Auto-fire in this game help with the flying a lot, but I don't want to use it and rather do it manually. It's only on the first level I use it to show some stuff, and then again on a bonus level where I need to stay in the air for as long as possible, so I used it just to see how many seconds and how much score I could get. I don't really care about score and the extra lives I get from reaching certain amounts.

Some levels have doors with bonus levels. I only showed each bonus level once, then skipped the rest. The ones I showed again was only the bonus levels hidden in other places than doors. I pretty much just waited for the time to end when I went into them as I've already done them once before and was too lazy to play them again. On level 2 I show how the shooting lava pieces can be headbutted and didn't know there was going to be a volcano bonus level later where this is how you get points. I can't die or get hurt on the volcano bonus levels, in case you wondered why I didn't lose any health when I got hit.

On the boxing dino boss, I waited a bit until he showed his shooting move before I killed him.

And now for some technical problems I had that no one is interested in, but I write it here anyway (for myself) so I remember. The entire game runs in 56fps, but not the intro/presentation animations in the very beginning, they are 50fps. So, when recording with WinUAE version 3.1.0 or newer (which finally has the sound sync problem fixed when recording by forcing 50fps), the game speed and sound changes when it switches between these parts. This is only noticeable in the AVI recording. This also happens even if I record the parts that are 56fps only. One way to 'sort of' fix this (causes sound clicks and sync problems, and I can only manually fix the sync problem) is to change the "FPS adj" to 56 and record those parts alone, and the intro with 50 (and convert later to 56 while keeping animation/sound speed), BUT - WinUAE 3.1.0 and later crashes 3/10 times when using save states (for me anyway), so I had to resort to an older version - 2.8.1, which doesn't force the fps to 50, thus doesn't change the speed of sound and animation when the game goes from 50 to 56fps, but instead requires me to manually fix the sound sync problem and other things. Anyway, I had to edit the SHIT out of this video to get it "perfect".

This video will probably not run silk smooth as most people either have 50 or 60Hz monitors and this video is 56fps. I wanted to make it 50, but then there would be jumps in the motions as 5fps would be cut. For example, when the kid jumps up, the spacing between each sprite position increases at an even rate, but with 5fps cut, the spacing will become uneven. Every frame per second is still unique between the updates, but it skips 1 frame now and then making it... "laggy".

Not enough description space left for all the timestamps.


February 18 2016 12:19:35
Download 201
Length 00:56:49
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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