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17-09-2020 18:43
@Spazbo4 Darn tootin' I am. Wink

17-09-2020 18:33
@DiggerandIndy i hope you are going to 100% all 3 mario games in mario 3d all stars as i was planning on doing that

13-09-2020 17:13
I'm back

13-09-2020 16:06
I'm fewds but my account is doesn't work because that theme im using another theme but he's tell me ''Fatal Error'' soo im using New account

13-09-2020 14:39
@fewds Hello.

12-09-2020 22:51
I'm a newbie here

12-09-2020 22:37
yo guys Smile

30-08-2020 19:44
Please disregard the "Amazing Bumpman" file. I accidentally uploaded the wrong name, it's under "Colecovision - Amazing Bumpman".

30-08-2020 03:14
Ask any admin here for the Longplayer role after uploading your video to our FTP first.

28-08-2020 11:46
Ok, it's added

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Downloads: Rambo III
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Rambo III


This is the US/NTSC version (TAITO), the other one is EU/PAL (OCEAN, which is the only one I've seen people play/record). The game won't load past the arcades screen in the beginning if you don't have NTSC set.

It's pretty easy to not be detected by the enemies as they only go for you when one is facing you. I had plenty of health and thus didn't bother to avoid them all the time.

I don't like how they didn't do right and left animations for him. Instead they just mirrored the one side. This makes him have the knife in his left hand when facing right, and the knife in his right hand when facing left.

Not interesting to anyone I guess, but leaving this info here for myself so I remember why I kept it at 60fps: *the game runs at 20fps, except the scrolling text, which is whatever frame rate your Amiga system is, in this case a smooth 60. So... as this was played with NTSC, it was recorded at/in 60fps. Normally I would halve the frame rate during encoding, but as the game runs at 20fps, I have to keep it at 60 or it will not run smooth, as I can't convert it to 30 or 25fps. I could go with 40, but that's an odd number and would just make the scrolling text jumpy/laggy/juddery* (and 20 would be weird too).

I did a drawing of the Rambo III logo once. You can see it here: (yeah, not trying hard to make it look good).

03:19 - Mission One (The Fortress)
26:19 - Mission Two (The Vehicle Compound)
36:44 - Mission Three (Run for the Border)
39:39 - Outro/ending/whatever
40:43 - Deaths


November 02 2016 12:17:27
Download 302
Length 00:42:07
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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