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08-12-2019 22:20
I just realized I goofed up something on Meme Run. Lemme fix it real quick.

07-12-2019 22:17

07-12-2019 17:46
Please delete/disregard my Super Bomberman 2 PS4 longplay. I intend to rerecord it and will be named "PS4 - Super Bomberman R V2."

06-12-2019 22:04
i will more snes longplays on youtube

06-12-2019 18:03
Please upload PlayStation 4 for YouTube

06-12-2019 01:22
Yeah, the section should disappear sooner or later. Probably it was the cause of some longplays being on waiting queue (YT) for too long.

05-12-2019 22:28
That's good to hear. I also seem to remember something about some redoing with the Amiga and Commodore 64 games.

05-12-2019 22:19
nope. All new releases will be a suprise!!

05-12-2019 00:51
Is the YouTube Schedule going to be updated, or are the moderators waiting for COPPA to blow over?

04-12-2019 21:45
A big thank you to all the LP'ers and the work that goes into making the videos. It's very appreciated.

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Started: 01.02.18

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Downloads: Jetsons - The Computer Game
Downloads Home > Amiga 500 > Jetsons - The Computer Game

Jetsons - The Computer Game

The plot from the manual:

***George is trying to get the afternoon off work so that he can take the family to Las Venus for the weekend. Mr. Spacely however has other plans.

"George! If you leave your office before 1400 hours you're FIRED!!!"

"That Spacely has gone too far, 3 hours a day, 3 days a week, week in week out, for nothing. I'm leaving anyway!"

Can you help George finally escape from the dreaded Mr. Spacely and get away for his well earned break?***

Arghh, what a frustrating game! These Hanna-Barbera games are brutal. Yeah, old games tend to be short on content, so the developers make them HARD so they last longer. So hard no KID (the intended audience, I guess) can't beat them fair and square.

What's up with the bright colors? Only the top and bottom panel parts looks OK, and George on the "WELL DONE" screens. And what's up with the scoring? (saying score instead of money) Sometimes when taking a coin I get a lot more score than I've gotten before from coins. Sometimes I get NEGATIVE score for taking a coin. And when reaching 9999 it jumps back down to 5000! Other times it goes back to 0000 (which I think it should). I don't know what this score (I know, money) is for. I thought maybe I get an extra life every 10.000, but nope.

When you see me stop for a sec all of a sudden, it's because I touched something and it made me stop, and only way to continue in the direction I was going, or want to go, is to release all controls and press just that direction. Like, if I walk to the right and hit a box, I can't go around the box by pressing up or down while still holding right, I have to release right first. And if you go up to a wall and hug it, you can't move left or right, EVEN if you press just one of the two, you need to walk back down a pixel first. The collision detection is pretty bad. Sometimes I have to wiggle the controller to get past narrow things as I keep getting stuck. In some places you CAN get totally stuck and have to restart the game.

Can only exit left/right screens if you are in the middle, or a bit higher up, even though there's room on the other side and you can walk there.

Like a lot of games on Amiga (especially Hanna-Barbera games), you can't have both sound effects and music at the same time, so you have to pick one. I usually go with music, or in some cases switch between music and sfx while playing, if the game allows for it, so I can show them both off. Sometimes it's not suitable, like this game, so I made a special "sfx+music" video. However, in both versions I show the "JETSON!" sound from his boss at 02:44 by, and also the rock music at 22:36 + the teleporter and Astro's sound + entering/leaving quickly so the rock music overlaps.

After finishing longplaying I realized I forgot to show George getting electrocuted, so recorded that part and added it on top at 06:45, which is why you see me not lose any life as I wanted the health to be seamless and not jump between the 3 different time of the clips.

I longplayed this game back in early 2012 and made a sfx+music version only. It sooo needed to be redone. Back then I didn't show a bunch of stuff as I just wanted to finish the game. Took like 3 times more save states though as I got hit less often and also way less places where I get stuck. This time I was more casual, used less states, thus got hit and stuck a lot, but it just makes the gameplay more organic and I showed off everything I could find.

Both me back then and now still don't know what the remote control (or whatever it is) on level one is for. I thought maybe it's to stop Mr. Spacely from getting to me by disabling his hovering chair, but didn't work. Can't walk past him without him getting me, which just opens a hole underneath that I fall into.

BTW, it says "GEO RICO" (O=0?) on the cloud in the intro.

I don't care about score in games, but as I tried to collect all the things in my old longplay, I did the same this time as well. Only collectables missing from the old one are two money bills - one behind Mr. Spacely, and one on Elroy's level, as I couldn't get to them. This time I got the one on Elroy's level, so only missed one bill.

Improvements in this revision of the longplay (check the sfx+music version for some of these points):

* Properly cropped
* Better picture and sound quality
* More sound effects (don't know why the old longplay lacks some of them, like the guy playing on his guitar)
* Music fades out (I never checked back then if they did)
* Showing the bouncing balls and George's boss screens
* Picked up Astro
* Re-entered the teleporter by the rocking dude to show different rooms
* Showed me losing lives, slipping on oil, getting electrocuted, got stopped by the police for speeding, flew into black holes etc.
* Picked up the money at 29:07

Here's the sfx+music version:


August 13 2018 22:33:02
Download 77
Length 00:33:49
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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