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23-01-2020 20:50
So, i'm gonna take a break now with Pokemon Black 2.

21-01-2020 02:53
I'm gonna leave SimCity SNES for whoever wants it. I hate to say it, but it was too much for me. Frown

19-01-2020 23:26
I personally prefer to do stuff that don't take me more than 3 hours to complete. The only exception was Faria which brought me childhood memories.

19-01-2020 20:21
@KAGE-008, Aw shucks. I didn't wanna steal it from you, but thanks anyways.

19-01-2020 18:01
Digger, Yoshi Island JP is all yours to do. Enjoy Smile

18-01-2020 16:46
@DiggerandIndy For Pokemon rpgs is it very stable and you must not use the cursor as touchpen.

18-01-2020 14:56
@Mariofan98 True, unless you're working on a game with strenuous stylus usage. I tried to record Bomberman Land Touch once, but I knew I had to wait.

17-01-2020 21:27
nope, DeSmuME works great and has a great AVI output

17-01-2020 20:39
@Mariofan98 I know this is crazy expensive, but maybe you should invest in those Katsukity or Loopy 3DSes. They work great!

17-01-2020 11:27
@DiggerandIndy yup, DeSmuME v0.9.9

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Started: 01.02.18

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Downloads: Myth: History in the Making
Downloads Home > Amiga 500 > Myth: History in the Making

Myth: History in the Making

Pretty game. Impressive graphics and animations, although runs a bit slow.

Jump to 5:31 to skip the intro. The music is like 3.5 mins long but the credits lasts for almost twice that long, so the music will loop.

The first version of this game I tried didn't have the gore (no blood or chopping off heads), so I tried another set of disks until I found the version that had it (not all sets of disks I downloaded had proper names, so didn't know what version I was trying). All of them were .ipf, btw. There apparently exist two versions of this game: SPS 0700 and 1842. 1842 is the one that had the gore and is labeled "Retail A600 HD", while the other one only "Retail" (info from I ran it on an Amiga 500 though. There's also a CD32 version, but that one is apparently just the floppy version (as with many CD32 games), hence only two versions total (as far as I know).

07:51 - Decided to do all the sword moves (as up to this point I don't think I used all of them) in case the other swords/weapons later on have different moves (some didn't, so was no need to show these moves).

08:17 - You can jump down here, but there's nothing special down there so didn't.

09:27 - I played around with the shield a bit to see if I could do moves than just the one attack. Tapping fire quickly makes a very small hit (doesn't reach as far out), holding down reaches max distance, which is also used as block. Both do the same damage, so I guess the quick one is just the animation that has not finished its intended duration, but they still applied the collision to it, so you can hit and kill the enemies fast if you want. I goofed around a bit and tried to make it look like I was swinging the shield around, like charging up an attack, to finally do the full animation move... like swish-swish-swish-swish-BAM! Pfft. But was hard to time. Then I noticed if you hold down and fire, he does an automated TRIPLE attack (short shield, kick, full shield). Don't even need to hold them down for the duration. This might not be intended and it's just the moves that gets cached as they all use the same... buttons... or something.

10:35 - The only use I found for the shield was making the soldiers stop fighting by kneeling, hitting them, and blocking Medusa's beams. After that the shield disappears. The shield was not needed for any of this of course and you could have progressed fine without it.

11:55 - Yup, can't hit the bird. Didn't think I could anyway, but just like to try stuff when I play Smile. Which is also why I don't pick up the.. "coin?" the bird drops, just to show you guys that it disappears after a while and can drop again. But... you only have two chances. If you take too long, you get struck by lightning. I show the lightning death at the end of the video, and a couple more.

13:14 - The tall creatures here can't be jumped over. They just raise their arm to block you. Didn't find that out until later when I looked for deaths and stuff after the main longplay was complete.

13:50 - Again goofing around Smile. I know we probably couldn't kill her, but swung the axe at her anyway. I noticed she could yell "help!" when I first checked this level out, and it's played at random, so I was stuck here for a while until she said it again EARLY on (didn't wanna stay here avoiding the enemies for minutes until she said it, to THEN kill them).

14:40 - Throwing some daggers to show the dragon can't be hurt by them... yet. Need to slice open a wound first.

15:42 - If I just move past him quickly, he stops his attack and we won't get to see the cool animations, so I stayed a bit and let him execute his stuff. Checked during the boss fight shortly after if he did this move, he didn't which is why I let him do it here. The shooting eyes can be stopped by shooting into the sockets, didn't because nothing special happens, other than no more shooting. Also noticed I could stay on the bridge to avoid the attacks.

-ran out of space, putting the rest of my notes in a comment below the video. Leaving the timestamps for the levels etc here though.- (

05:31 - Hades: Realm of the Damned
08:27 - Skyros: Isle of the Sirens
10:25 - Temple of Athenae
11:28 - Maelstrom: Gateway to the North
13:01 - Forests of Nidhogg
15:20 - Asgard: Domain of Odin
18:40 - The Valley of the Kings
21:34 - Chambers of Anubis
25:42 - Tomb of the Pharoah
27:04 - Realm of Chaos
29:32 - The Final Confrontation
30:34 - Outro

31:15 - Game over part (killed myself or you wouldn't see it, same with highscores). Blended in the highscores part. Faced the last boss again and killed myself when I had roughly the same score.

31:38 - Added the three deaths I could find. After you die it fades out and puts you back at the beginning of the level. It happens extra fast after you turn into stone, which is why that part is so short as it didn't last long. Like 1 sec after you turned to stone it faded out.


August 13 2018 22:35:15
Download 76
Length 00:31:56
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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