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17-10-2019 02:07
I do longplays on my YouTube channel called BioRidley. Would love to submit for WOL sometime. Check my channel out! I also do boss battles.

15-10-2019 12:50
My name is Hiking C. Blackwell I'm a longplayer as well, how do I credit the site? I would like to use some of the world of longplays footage my channel name is Hiking Longplays search it up.

14-10-2019 09:32
New schedule: Three weekly longplays on Monday, during the rest of this year.

13-10-2019 16:31
gba 3 wwe game no body have make longplay

13-10-2019 11:16
Hi all Smile I have a new longplay of Freespace up on my channel, using some of the latest enhancements and in 60 FPS. Check it out @

12-10-2019 19:24
I am uploading them now.

12-10-2019 14:41
Is there anything else that I can do?

08-10-2019 19:28
longplay on the submission page. You might wanna do that, I don't think anyone from the higher ups has a ping letting them know somrthing got uploaded. Smile

08-10-2019 18:31
Yes, it takes time to verify the longplay, look at the submitted longplays at the bottom of the submission page, can take months. EDIT: Actually, I see you still haven't created an entry for your

08-10-2019 15:45
I used filezilla to transfer my video game videos, and they are still not submitted into this site.

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Started: 01.02.18

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Downloads: Jungle Boy
Downloads Home > Amiga 500 > Jungle Boy

Jungle Boy

Release year: 1991

Saw this when I recorded The Jungle Book, so... here's another jungle game Pfft

Clearly a ripoff of Taito's Jungle King and Atari's Jungle Hunt (both 1982, and there's probably more ports).

It sucks hard! Runs very slow on an Amiga 500, so played it on an Amiga 1200 instead, which had twice the speed. One would think this game is made in AMOS, but doesn't look like it when I checked the files. Also, it's a commercial release, not PD Pfft

Jungle BOY? More like Jungle MAN. And he doesn't look anything in-game like he does on the title screen. Wrong hair color and stuff.

I let the lame title music play fully before continuing, as the game is already so short.

The game loops after you've completed the stages (another YouTuber who played the game said the same.. I checked the files and saw wordings up to "EIGHT", so guess it loops 8 times, but couldn't be bothered to test). I played through it twice so I could show some more stuff on the next run - like missing the vines (chose the last one as I get to start on the same screen again, so np), getting eaten by a crocodile (first one instead of the last one like the vines), showing you can avoid all the crocodiles (no need to kill them). All deaths results in the same way (except the crocodile) - the screen freezes for a couple of secs, then fades out and back in (unless it was the last life, then it's game over ofc) and 1 life has been deducted.

However, on the second run, the levels were longer. Wonder if they would have been longer and longer for each run, or run two set max length. By the time I'm on loop eight, each level could take 10 mins, dunno Smile

Controls on the vines level is just fire. You can jump from the vine whenever you want, even when it swings backwards, but you can't jump until the screen has finished scrolling. As I didn't jump when the rope swung backwards the first run, I showed it during the second instead, same with missing and falling.

The swimming level is fire to throw knives, and obviously any direction to move.

The running level had me stuck for a min or so as you jump with fire, but not high enough, so I thought I had to time it just right, but after a while I tried pressing up at the same time and that made him jump higher. Weird they would give you the option to jump high and higher, when high is useless. So... fire+up to jump over them.

The cannibal level is left+fire.

Just like the game being short - so I played it twice + included the full length of the title tune, I also wrote more than I was planning, just make even this description lengthier as well Smile. Had 30 mins to kill, so quickly made this longplay. Could be editing errors, dunno.


November 27 2018 13:13:14
Download 50
Length 00:06:24
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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