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18-11-2019 14:16
Thanks, to all whom make long-plays & contribute to this wonderful project!

18-11-2019 07:56
Please make a request on our forums than here in the shoutbox. https://www.longp.

17-11-2019 07:31
Hey, could someone do a longplay of Diddy Kong Racing DS?

31-10-2019 23:52
Let's do all 10 XD Dark Ride games

30-10-2019 01:01
Now my encoding queue should be less cluttered, still working on it though.

29-10-2019 07:30
Please make a request on our forums than here in the shoutbox. https://www.longp.

29-10-2019 03:05
can someone do a longplay Resident Evil: Code Verionca X please thank you

26-10-2019 21:04
Salam alaikum. We want you to publish a video about the game Alundra 2 On the PlayStation 1 I hope you will also play the game 100% with open boxes and everything

25-10-2019 19:36
@BioRidley: Go to chat and our team will explain how to record your videos and upload them.

17-10-2019 02:07
I do longplays on my YouTube channel called BioRidley. Would love to submit for WOL sometime. Check my channel out! I also do boss battles.

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Started: 01.02.18

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Downloads: Uwol: Quest for Money (Public Domain)
Downloads Home > Amiga 500 > Uwol: Quest for Money (Public Domain)

Uwol: Quest for Money (Public Domain)

New Amiga game, which already existed on The Sega Genesis (Mega Drive), ZX Spectrum, and MSX2, was just ported to the Amiga by IceVAN, coded from scratch in AMOS and is based on the original C code from The Mojo Twins. Graphics by Shiru, taken from the Sega version. The music was recomposed and reinterpreted by Fireboy in protracker.

Short and fun game, not too challenging. Needed several runs though to gather enough money to complete the game. Wish I could do all rooms before it was over. Some games lets you continue after you've won and it restarts from the beginning, but you keep the score and progress. So would have been nice to be able to continue from the top of the pyramid again, but with all the finished rooms already finished. Well, the original game is not like that, and this is a port, so, np.

Went rather fast. Was not an attempt at a speedrun. The rooms were just short and easy. A speedrun would have been like 5 minutes or something.

Revisited rooms already done only have the exit(s) available, no enemies (except a ghost).

As we get to see the pyramid screen over and over again, I decided to just hit fire whenever I returned to it to fade out to the next level/room, instead of waiting a sec or so first. I could just hold fire while the pyramid part was loading, which would have resulted in it never showing at all, so it would just show fading out of a level, then back into a new level, but wanted to show the pyramid each time anyway, better transition that way. I show that at 04:29 when exiting the level, no pyramid is shown this time.

Also don't exit a level until I've landed completely on the ground, which is not needed, as you can exit as soon as you touch the arrow, showing that at 07:31.

As I did the rooms rather quickly, we don't get to hear all the tunes completely, so was gonna make an 'extras' video with all the music, but meh, they were so short anyway, 1-2 patterns. So you already do hear most of it in this longplay anyway.

As I decided to not do the 'extras' video, I stayed a bit longer on the pyramid screen before entering the last needed room, at 06:35 to let the music play a bit first. Then I killed myself on this level to show that off as well, and finally waited for the ghost and waited around a bit so we could see it in action and hear most of the tune.

Should have maybe included the "Game Over" text + its short tune after the "The End", but meh, already done the editing and encoding now when writing this Smile

One thing I don't like is the clicking sound the instruments have in the music played during the pyramid and the first room/level (thus also other levels as the music is played many times... ofc). I first thought it's just the typical WinUAE sound emulation doing it's usual thing. Many games have clicking sounds in sound effects and music in WinUAE, but the source files don't. So, just to be sure, I played the music files in a music player and the clicks were there as well, so, it's supposed to sound like that this time. In some longplays I've done I've used a de-clicker filter as it was just too much, and the clicks aren't there on the original hardware. Weird it has never been fixed in WinUAE, or maybe no one has ever complained. The clicks can be masked a little bit by using one of WinUAE's audio filters, but I never use them as they... "muffle" the sound, making it not sound clean. By default it uses filters, so most people use them when emulating, bleh. Some games make use of the filters tho, like when going under water, but it's very, very rare.


November 27 2018 13:23:05
Download 77
Length 00:07:59
License: PD
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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