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18-11-2019 14:16
Thanks, to all whom make long-plays & contribute to this wonderful project!

18-11-2019 07:56
Please make a request on our forums than here in the shoutbox. https://www.longp.

17-11-2019 07:31
Hey, could someone do a longplay of Diddy Kong Racing DS?

31-10-2019 23:52
Let's do all 10 XD Dark Ride games

30-10-2019 01:01
Now my encoding queue should be less cluttered, still working on it though.

29-10-2019 07:30
Please make a request on our forums than here in the shoutbox. https://www.longp.

29-10-2019 03:05
can someone do a longplay Resident Evil: Code Verionca X please thank you

26-10-2019 21:04
Salam alaikum. We want you to publish a video about the game Alundra 2 On the PlayStation 1 I hope you will also play the game 100% with open boxes and everything

25-10-2019 19:36
@BioRidley: Go to chat and our team will explain how to record your videos and upload them.

17-10-2019 02:07
I do longplays on my YouTube channel called BioRidley. Would love to submit for WOL sometime. Check my channel out! I also do boss battles.

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Started: 01.02.18

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Downloads: Les Trois Petits Cochons S'amusen
Downloads Home > Amiga 500 > Les Trois Petits Cochons S'amusen

Les Trois Petits Cochons S'amusen

Aight, I'm done with the Coktel Vision games. Next up was gonna be "Picsou: Chasseur De Trésor" which is Scrooge McDuck looking for trasures, and Les "Castors Juniors Dans La Forêt" which is Huey, Dewey and Louie in the woods as Junior Woodchucks. And there's many, many more Coktel Vision titles, like 2 Asterix games, the 3 Goblins games, Oliver & Company, etc.

The title translates to something like "The Three Little Pigs are Having Fun". Well, according to Google translate (I know, can't trust that one ofc), with "S'amusent", it becomes "Have Fun", but with "s'amusent, it becomes "are Having Fun", so makes sense to use lower case in the title, but when I google the game title, most places have S'a and S'A. So, I just went with S'a. Tell me if it should be lower-case to be correct and I'll change it Smile

Can't move my mouse too far or it jumps back and forth. Showing it a bit at: 00:38.

Misplaced a piece earlier to show the fail... but failed for real on another house later anyway.

The Coktel Vision games I've done so far (and might do the rest in the future) are:

Three Little Pigs:
Alice in Wonderland: (French version):
Peter Pan (German version):
Peter Pan (French version):
Little Red Riding Hood:
The Jungle Book:
Baba Yaga:
Ween: The Prophecy:


June 28 2019 16:20:37
Download 31
Length 00:11:30
Language French

Download (right click save as):
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