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14-02-2020 06:22
@KAGE-008: no i played the US version but when it was submitted as a longplay the person who processed it was supposed to give it both EU and US names for the game

14-02-2020 03:27
@Spazbo4 Whoops, my bad! I didn't see that. We just call it Beyond Oasis here in America.

13-02-2020 20:21
@Spazbo4: Hmm... so you played the EU version?

13-02-2020 19:50
the name of the longplay is called story of thor - beyond oasis, because story of thor is the name for the game in PAL regions

13-02-2020 18:58
@Digger: Regarding Beyond Oasis: Spazbo did that one already back in 2010, but... are you going to replace it?

12-02-2020 22:50
I just realized I doubled the screen size of Puyo Puyo Champions. Please disregard my submission, it will be under V2.

11-02-2020 13:08
Cheers! Smile

11-02-2020 11:53

11-02-2020 08:34
Can't seem to get another shout it - Part 1 - with the space - is valid. Thanks!

11-02-2020 08:32
Only 2 parts left to upload and the Witcher 3 longplay will be done. May I ask someone permitted to do so to go into the folder and delete the older 'part1' file? The more recent 'part 1&#

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Downloads: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty - HD Edition
Downloads Home > PlayStation Vita > Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty - HD Edition

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty - HD Edition

I had to record parts 1 and 2 over again because the original files were not uploaded properly to the archive but have now been fixed

It's been a while since I last played this game but I knew what to do and everything, but the controls for the Vita are terrible since while you are aiming if you want to move a bit to the right or left you would put your fingers on the back touch screen but since my fingers are there naturally it makes aiming in first person extra hard since it moves sometimes when I don't want it to
Looks pretty decent for an HD remake to be on the vita tho, a few slowdowns in framerate here and there but overall pretty decent


May 01 2017 22:33:01
Download 291
Length 08:38:44
Language English

Download (right click save as):
ChronoSonic on May 04 2017 23:37:48

Seems like the first two parts are incomplete...both of them are around 270-280 MB. I skimmed through Part 3 and it seems to be okay, but you might want to check just to be sure.

Vita version looks great!

Spazbo4 on May 05 2017 02:50:34


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