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15-07-2020 21:36
BizHawk with the GenPlus-gx core.

15-07-2020 18:42
KAGE-008, What Genesis Emulator Should I use?

15-07-2020 03:25
It worked! Thank you! Smile

15-07-2020 00:23
@Maxorinen — The FTP address must be written without the ftp:// for it to work on FileZilla client.

15-07-2020 00:21
@FlangEG — Yes, the only thing is that after submitting the updated video, in the status you must add the game as 'Resubmitted'.

14-07-2020 23:24
KAGE-008 I'm having this error: Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity Failed to retrieve directory listing, How do I fix it?

14-07-2020 23:18
I have been improving my skills of Distance and want to replace the version that I had already submitted. Is this possible?

14-07-2020 19:09
I'm connecting to that ftp://cassiopeia.s server

14-07-2020 16:42
ftp://cassiopeia.s server

14-07-2020 07:03
i mean the name of the server you are trying to connect to

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