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11-08-2020 06:12
Probably later this year... or in 2021... we don't know. Wink

11-08-2020 02:39
Argh. I hope new site soon?

10-08-2020 14:00
It doesnt, becasue its a fake email adress. It will all be solved once the new site is up.

09-08-2020 20:08
Yes but that function will at least cut down on the flood of spammers.

09-08-2020 09:04
that isn't the only kind of email that we get that are spammers

07-08-2020 03:52
Damn spam. I swear someone needs to modify this site to automatically reject mailforspam.

06-08-2020 19:01
Abzu works fine for me too, but the longplay is in 4k which might be a problem for some people

06-08-2020 07:29
sword of mana started downloading normal for me, will check abzu when its done downloading

05-08-2020 13:57
The Abzu file is corrupted somehow (won't play, bottom half of image is green), and the Sword of Mana links don't work

03-08-2020 08:21
@Maxorinen: Now that you have Longplayer role, go to Submission page and fill in the info for your longplay (which is triggered by adding the game as 'Uploaded' ).

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Downloads: Tyoushin Heiki Zeroigar
Downloads Home > PC-FX > Tyoushin Heiki Zeroigar

Tyoushin Heiki Zeroigar

God-Fighter Zeroigar, an English Fan Translation of the Japanese original game Tyoushin Heiki Zeroigar.

A nice Shoot em up with plenty of FMV sequences to add to the story. The game is played in Anime mode which plays through the main story of the game. The game has an interesting mechanic where you gain xp all the time you play. If you lose/die, you keep your xp level and continue to try again and again util you are levelled up enough to beat the area you are having trouble with. You have a lot of secondary weapons that level up as you go and I do try to show them all, but not necessarily at the most efficient time. These weapons also level up through use.

There are a couple of other game modes like trial/score attack and also battle mode where you play in an almost rpg style to level up one of 3 mechs. The bosses in the game are not particularly difficult with an easy recognisable shot pattern and it never goes all bullet hell on you. There are probably more efficiant ways to kill them than I have shown though. The game has three movement speed settings but even on slowest, the controls feel twitchy and it is way to easy to overshoot where you want to be when dodging shots.

00:52:36 Sakuraigar Mode. This is a weird playthrough of the main story mode again but played from the perspective of a child playing out the storyline of the game with her friends in what seems to be a fantasy cosplay setting.


July 16 2017 13:40:14
Download 334
Length 01:43:42
License: FT
Language English/Japanese

Download (right click save as):
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