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20-09-2019 09:48
I think will be coming soon... WWF Superwrestlemania and Spider-Man VS The Kingpin.

19-09-2019 06:00
i swear i thought i already did the longplay for the switch version of super bomberman r but i guess i didnt since when it came out on switch it had bad input lag

18-09-2019 16:56
That's great, Mariofan98! Keep up the good work!

18-09-2019 15:45
I will now announce that i have since monday now finished 100 longplays after over 4 years here at WoL. Shock

18-09-2019 14:21
Finally got all three console versions of Super Bomberman R. It was a long fight, but it was worth it.

16-09-2019 02:37
Got the Pac-Man 2 games and Tetris & Dr. Mario reuploaded, hopefully the file sizes are more acceptable.

15-09-2019 17:50
I removed it, as "spam" isnt tolerated - no matter what it is!

15-09-2019 13:27
Maybe try to earn you subscribers by making ivdeos? There are no videos on your channel. And this is not a place for yt channel advertising.

11-09-2019 15:13
Part 01-07 as well. It ends early - it is supposed to have over 3 hours and it ends at somewhere around 02:12:00

10-09-2019 13:14
You're right martanius. I'll ask HolyMeatball if he can send the file again.

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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Metroidvania by ArtPlay. Game known for having a Kickstarter campaigned started by Koji Igarashi, the mad man behind SotN and pretty much all the other Metroidvania games.

Follow Miriam as she treks a castle to save her buddy. Along the way, she meets a church woman, a samurai, and an old man.

This game plays like the usual metroidvania games: you trek through places, get a power-up that allows you to navigate (like double jump), fight a boss somewhere, all that fun stuff. You also get many different weapons, like the usual swords to shoes. This game also plays more like Dawn of Sorrow: kill an enemy and they may drop a shard (like souls from Aria/Dawn). Collecting more shards power it up (thus, Dawn). You can also rank them up by transmutation (aka crafting), changing their properties, like more projectiles for example.

This longplay goes for 100% map, 100% Shards, and 100% sidequests on Hard difficulty while doing shoddy routing and getting hit by every goddamn thing and making multiple stops at save points. There's some grinding because shards and crafting says so! I ORIGINALLY wanted to go for all boss medals, but Zangetsu was making me tilt HARD. I also throw in the recital. That grind was worth it. No DLC, though.


August 29 2019 10:17:11
Download 29
Length 13:31:18
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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