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06-08-2020 07:29
sword of mana started downloading normal for me, will check abzu when its done downloading

05-08-2020 13:57
The Abzu file is corrupted somehow (won't play, bottom half of image is green), and the Sword of Mana links don't work

03-08-2020 08:21
@Maxorinen: Now that you have Longplayer role, go to Submission page and fill in the info for your longplay (which is triggered by adding the game as 'Uploaded' ).

03-08-2020 02:34
@DiggerandIndy, she sure is!

03-08-2020 00:17
To any admin reading this: Maxorinen is asking for the Longplayer role to submit his longplay.

03-08-2020 00:15
@Ironclaw You say the earth is flat? So is your mom.

02-08-2020 22:40
ScHlAuChi, I'm done Uploading my Kid Chameleon Megadrive longplay to the directory

02-08-2020 22:02
smooth brain

02-08-2020 21:43
Dont listen to Ironclaw, hes a fool - earth isnt flat, its banana shaped like his brain!

02-08-2020 12:07
Earth is flat!

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Downloads: Star Trek Bridge Crew
Downloads Home > PlayStation VR > Star Trek Bridge Crew

Star Trek Bridge Crew

Game by - Red Storm Entertainment, Published by - Ubisoft. 2017

Such a good game, only 6 missions and 4 types of randomly generated missions. For the purposes of the Long play all missions have been done in single player.

The AI seams to be ok when you first play as they do some things automatically, however once you know all the game mechanics I was screaming for some sidearm dlc so I could shoot the AI engineer as she kept putting engine power to full increasing my ships detection range when ever I used the global comands to tell help & tactical to do a task like scan something.

I guess bad AI did mean I had to jump around the stations to carry out simple task so it helped show off the different stations for the Longplay, but it did mean doing this more than was strictly necessary to complete the missions properly.
presentaiton wise this game was fantastic when sitting on the bridge realy felt like you were there, apart from my only 1 gripe with this which was the fade to black which seamed to be for no reason when you came out of warp.

Mission wise I realy wish the game was more like good old Star Trek Bridge Commander, with more of a focus on story and interesting things happening mid mission and more traveling around to solve a problem, this game seamed to be more just go here shoot some stuff. Hence the reason the favourite mission was episode 4 Smile

Now playing single player is all good and well but where this game really shines is in multiplayer. Not having to put up with retarded AI was a god send, even if another human hadn't played a station everyone that had could simply tell them what they needed to do and if you had a crew member that had done mission type or knew what they were doing you hardly had to give orders as the captain, not being COD there were a lot fewer kids screaming over coms so pug's were easy to get along with as well.

Game also features cross-play wich works very well, first few days there was a bug where sometimes would get stuck in warp when playing with someone over cross-play but after an early patch i didn't come accross this very often after.

Part 1 Campaign missions
00:04:45 - Prologue: Shakedown
00:31:14 - Ep1: Stormy Seas
00:52:58 - Ep. 2: The Sun and the Shield
01:07:45 - Ep.3: Swimming with sharks
01:31:30 - Ep. 4: Survival of the Fittest
01:57:38 - Ep. 5: We are the cavalry

Part 2 Ongoing Voyages
00:00:15 - Research mission (Original Enterprise)
00:21:16 - Defend mission
00:32:28 - Recovery mission
00:43:27 - Rescue mission
01:05:40 - Credits


July 29 2017 21:56:42
Download 327
Length 3:34:53
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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