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28-05-2020 03:10
use older version of it instead. Version 2 is the only one that works well on my end. Credits go to Mariofan

26-05-2020 08:03
Is there an alternate way to create an sfv file? QuickSFV isn't working with me for whatever reason.

25-05-2020 21:19
@LukasB401 Hello!

25-05-2020 20:37

25-05-2020 07:02
@Verloren500 — Please stop spamming the shoutbox with your request of the same game. Nobody of the active longplayers have interest in doing it, me included.

25-05-2020 04:12
Do a longplay of Disney Princess.

20-05-2020 21:13
Hydra for Arcade Games, please

14-05-2020 23:58
@Minerio Welcome! If you have any quesions, pleas either let us know or look in the forums for support.

14-05-2020 11:19
So,welcome guys,im new here:D Wink

13-05-2020 17:02
@Mariofan98 Thanks! I waited for a long time for my longplays to come up on YouTube. Smile

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Turbo Outrun

Turbo Outrun developed by Probe Software and published by US Gold in 1989.

“Turbo Outrun takes you on a 16 stage race across America. Along the way you will battle bumper to bumper with good guys and bad guys, police cars, Porsches and blown engines. Numerous scenes will take you through congested city streets, over snow and icy mountain passes and across sunbaked deserts. Drive daytime and night time - go for manual or auto gearbox selection, even customise your Ferrari F40 with High Grip Tyres, but whatever else you do … use the Turbo booster power sparingly - This baby is hot and raring to go!!! Turbo Out Run “No other car racing game comes Close””

It's been a couple of years since the medioker Outrun conversion but they have more than made up for it with a great conversion of Turbo Outrun for the C64. That said the Spectrum version was also a great conversion. We go a bit mad with presentation for this one with two title screens each with an excellent soundtrack by Jeroen Tel. Of course these are played out in full before proceeding on to the game.

Once we get to the game we get a game that finally looks like an Outrun game with great graphics and music to boot. The racing engine is quite fast and smooth and we will see further development of it in Outrun Europa and Chase HQ 2. If there is criticism to be made it could be that the player car is too big and takes up too much of the screen making it challenging to dodge cars and stay on the road. The half height car from US Outrun would be handy here. I choose auto gears for an easy life but manual gears should give you a faster top speed which can really come in handy as the time limit for each section is super tight. The game is very unforgiving so it's a good idea not to crash as you'll find you need to start over. It can be a bit jarring when you suddenly go over the line and the screen goes blank as it loads the next part. I always found it odd that the game makes it look like you lost to the porsche even though i'm damn sure I beat it.

This was one of my most played games back in the olden days and I quite enjoyed it on all the platforms it was on.

00:00:00 Title screen 1 Music
00:07:54 Title Screen 2 Music
00:11:38 Gameplay Starts Here!!!!!!!


May 23 2020 10:33:41
Download 75
Length 00:27:16
Language English

Download (right click save as):
MadMatty on May 23 2020 10:34:53

Re-uploaded with loading bars removed. A fix for my sloppy editing on this one.

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