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07-04-2020 17:13
Spazbo, Pokemon Platinum is all yours to do. I will not submit my longplay without the postgame. I don't known that Rotom in Pt already appears in the main game.

06-04-2020 19:04
i dont have that game

06-04-2020 09:01
Spazbo4, why don't you do a longplay of Disney's Phineas and Ferb (Nintendo DS, 2009)?

05-04-2020 21:31
i only did it once since it was new for platinum but it wasnt hard to figure out

05-04-2020 20:29
@Spazbo4 The first try to longplay it was Blind for me.

05-04-2020 19:53
the distortion world is the easiest part

05-04-2020 17:14
I will try Pokemon Platinum again, but this time with an guide video for Distortion World. Wink

05-04-2020 09:10
@Charly9631 for me QuickSFV works on Windows 10 but i use v2.36

05-04-2020 08:39
So... apparently QuickSFV does not work on Windows 10, since it doesn't have any contextual menu to create an SFV file. Any help on how to create an SFV file on Windows 10?

05-04-2020 02:39
The problem is that it's a game from a series almost nobody has interest in anyway. I'd probably do it but I'm really busy atm.

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Salamander developed for the Commodore 64 by Konami and Published by Imagine in 1988. Also known as Life Force in the US and was released on the C64 in 1986 by Konami.

“Beyond infinity lies the evil galaxy dominated by the forces of the despotic SALAMANDER; A hero must persuade his compatriots to join him on a journey into hell and beyond. Organic Monsters of destruction, Nuclear Spiders, Infernos burning like raging seas in torment, Caverns of Despair, Demons beyond the dimensions of our minds…”

Not much to say on this one. An arcade conversion to the commodore 64 and it has turned out reasonably well. The game is quite short with only 4 levels and not overly difficult. Certainly a much better conversion than one the Spectrum got.

Each level has its own music and level 3 in particular stands out with the flaming walls which are well animated and deadly! While the conversion is good for 1986, it was looking a bit dated by 1988 with the likes of R-Type and Armalyte already out.


February 29 2020 15:15:26
Download 38
Length 00:13:19
Language English

Download (right click save as):
JonL on March 03 2020 16:27:14

MadMatty: Ah man you missed the ripple laser at the start! That weapon looked so badass it was my favorite!
Other than that a solid longplay, thanks.

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