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26-11-2020 02:09
Most people here are very busy with work. Also that your requests might catch the attention of potential new longplayers.

26-11-2020 01:20
Is Valis77 still publishing videos? I've looked on the 'latest releases' page and it seems Valis77 haven't recorded anything for over a year. This community is in need of more jRPGs :D

25-11-2020 21:54
No prob. It was my bad anyways.

25-11-2020 20:10
We generally accept both single and 2P longplays of a game, but we prioritize games nobody has done previously.

25-11-2020 13:52
Didn't see you made a 2P Wheel of Fortune. Whatever.

25-11-2020 04:20
It was. I picked the wrong platform in the menu. I'm recording SMS Flintstones now.

25-11-2020 04:18
@Reinc — Wasn't Flintstones on GB done already?

23-11-2020 08:04
Thanks. Smile And getting old is natural, because I live each day as if it were the last.

22-11-2020 08:27
Happy birthday KAGE-008. 25 years old is an awesome chapter of life. Not too young, not too old.

21-11-2020 14:03
So today I'm turning 25. Yeah. Smile

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Downloads Home > PC-FX > Team Innocent: The Point of No Return

Team Innocent: The Point of No Return

Team Innocent is the only survival horror game on the PC-FX. And probably the best looking game on that console.

The story:

Set in the future, our story begin when a scientist is arrested for conducting genetic experiments on human beings. The police chief rescues three little girls, each one of whom bears the traces of these experiments.

Fifteen years later: the three young women - Saki, Lilis, and Ariel - now work for the Police, and have been trained to be a special operations team known as "Team Innocent". determined to find out the truth about their origins. They are sent on three dangerous missions, which they might not survive...


November 21 2020 23:14:16
Download 30
Length 03:36:45
Language Japanese

Download (right click save as):
Gamezopher on November 22 2020 08:24:13

Thanks for this longplay. I'm currently downloading and I will watch it. The story synopsis looks very cool.

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