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20-08-2019 17:29
Admin should somehow take down those videos because he's probably making money out of our videos.

20-08-2019 16:16
@Charly9631: I checked the channel and the guy has other 'longplays' stolen from this site.

20-08-2019 15:11
Jf4IapyBRI Somebody stole a longplay from here and put it as his video on his channel.

19-08-2019 14:31
Got it. I assume it's under maintenence right now, so I'll try to get on it now and then.

19-08-2019 06:18
just keep checking on it every once in a while

17-08-2019 23:20
I tried to connect to FileZilla to upload a game like always and it keeps not connecting to the server. Is there some maintenence going on that I'm not aware of?

13-08-2019 00:03
I just realized I made some mistakes in the information to Mario's Picross. I've corrected it and hopefully there wasn't any confusion.

08-08-2019 22:54
I had birthday. Somebody, look to my request and play some of there, please: https://www.longpl

08-08-2019 15:16
Love the site. Keep it up!

08-08-2019 12:26
Backyard soccer ps1 season who played and uploaded

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Minecraft 1.0.0
Developer: Mojang
Released: November 18, 2011

** Description
Minecraft is a sandbox-building independent video game originally by Swedish creator Markus "Notch" Persson and now by his company, Mojang. It was released as an alpha on May 17, 2009, with a beta version on December 20, 2010 and an official 1.0.0 release on November 18, 2011.
Written using the Java language, the game is supported on several platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It supports both solo and multiplayer. As of January 2012, more than 20 million users have registered and 4,6 million users have bought the game.

Minecraft is focused on creativity and building, allowing players to build constructions out of textured cubes in an infinite, procedurally generated 3D world. Gameplay in its commercial release has two principal modes: Survival, which requires players to acquire resources themselves and maintain their health and hunger; and Creative, where the player has an unlimited supply of resources, the ability to fly, and no concept of health or hunger. Along with those modes, the player can at any time switch between several difficulty levels. At the lowest level (named "Peaceful" ), no hostile mobs spawn. Starting at difficulty level "Easy", the player must deal with monsters that spawn in dark places like caves as well as during the night.
Although Minecraft is mostly a sandbox game, it contains some adventure elements. And, with that, a primary win condition, which is achieved by traveling to another dimension known as The End and defeating the powerful Enderdragon that flies around the map.
(from Wikipedia)

** Notes
So here it is, the game that stole one year of my life (and counting).
In this longplay, I mainly focus on the survival aspects of the game, leading to the eventual boss fight. On the way, though, I try to demonstrate as many things as possible without getting repetitive or wasting too much time.
After "finishing" the game, however, I start a new world in creative mode and build a modest sculpture just to demonstrate this very different gameplay.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of demonstrated features:
- Spelunking and collecting underground resources.
- Fighting hostile mobs.
- Crafting many blocks and useful items.
- Finding a mob dungeon and turning it into a mob grinder to quickly gather resources.
- Visiting an NPC village.
- Building a house.
- Growing basic tree farm, wheat farm and sugar cane farm.
- Repairing tools and weapons.
- Enchanting weapons and armor parts.
- Exploring and mapping the surroundings, showing off different biomes (climatic areas) and picturesque land features.
- Using a boat to cross large bodies of water.
- Nearly drowning (lol)
- Building a portal to the Nether (a creepy firey dimension) and locating a Nether fortress.
- Finding and exploring an underground ravine.
- Finding and exploring an abandoned mine.
- Locating and exploring a stronghold.
- Establishing a portal to The End and defeating the Ender Dragon.
- Creative mode, 3D pixel art.
- Most importantly, baking CAKE! Pfft

Here is a non-exhaustive list of things that are not present in this longplay:
- Exploring very deep and intricate cave systems (not present within a reasonable distance from spawn area).
- Snowy biomes (not present within a reasonable distance from spawn area, or requires an upgrade to version 1.1).
- Animal breeding (highly time consuming and repetitive).
- Taming wolves (not found near spawn area).
- Potion brewing.
- Redstone contraptions (redstone allows for complex electric circuitry and machinery).
- Railways and minecarts (not really needed in this context).
- Finding and exploring a mushroom island (not present within a reasonable distance from spawn area).
- Applying dyes to wool to get various colors for building.
- Multiplayer.

World generation is based on a numeric seed that determines every geographic aspect of the landscape. The world I have chosen for this longplay is based on the following seed: -1011501673
You can generate exactly the same world by using the same seed in the world generator, but ONLY in Minecraft version 1.0.0. Older versions and newer versions will NOT generate the same world.

I have "cheated" on several occasions to keep this video from lasting too long. For instance I seem to stumble accross diamonds, although they're actually quite rare. I didn't want to dig a branch mine to find some. Also I was suspiciously lucky in finding the Stronghold and the abandoned mine. Hope you don't mind. Wink

The last part of the survival adventure is probably not the most fun part. To get to The End, I have to collect 12 Ender Pearls from Endermen (the tall black mobs that don't like to be stared at), so I have to spend two nights in a desert, waiting for Endermen to spawn. Then comes the fight with the Ender Dragon, which is more tedious than difficult. Ultimately, we're rewarded with a silent, unskippable scrolltext. Don't expect too much out of that ending.

** Links
Both of my worlds are available for download:

The following programs, mods and texture packs are demonstrated in the Bonus video:

- MCPatcher HD Fix: this program alters Minecraft so that it supports high-resolution texture packs and makes it easy to install mods.
Important note: Running MC Patcher is MANDATORY before using any of the texture packs below.

- Zombe's Modpack: this pack features 26 mods including flying, weather control and more. Each mod can be enabled or disabled separately.

- Water Shader Alpha: this mod alters water rendering to add highly realistic reflections.

- Misa's 64x64 Realistic Pack

- Ovo's Rustic Pack (discontinued)

- Soartex Fanver Community

- Sphax PureBDCraft 64x


January 28 2012 14:25:27
Download 1612
Length 09:50:54
Language English

Download (right click save as):
Ninou on November 13 2018 06:57:48

The download is no longer available on (oh well, atleast it's still on the youtube channel)

NPI on November 14 2018 17:10:29

I was being checking this file 2 months ago, and I'm pretty sure it was there. If JonL has the original video it would be good!

MadMatty on November 14 2018 18:41:00

hmm file history reports it was 'made dark' 3 years ago and treated as spam …. very typical of

NPI on November 14 2018 19:29:56

Then I made a mistake. A right click + save as for a dead link would save the page as a .html file, instead of .mkv or .mp4. This one was "save as type: all files" so I've overlooked that.

JonL on November 17 2018 13:38:24

NPI, you're lucky I noticed your call for help.
Still got the files (the survival part at least, couldn't get my hands on part 4).
I'll be uploading them shortly...

MadMatty on November 18 2018 11:22:33

It might be possible to send a message to Jeff Kaplan on archive forums (with the longplays account) to restore the file. The files are not usually deleted, just made dark so viewers cant get to it but still archived. Maybe after three years anything listed as spam may be deleted but you never know.

Spazbo4 on November 19 2018 03:35:03

Jeff Kaplan the overwatch guy?

JonL on November 20 2018 21:56:48

NPI, MadMatty, if need be, files uploaded to the ftp. Sorry for the second part fuck up, I got disconnected.

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