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24-10-2020 18:00
My question was not quality but does Megui supports it?! It is for my 4K projects and NVENC renders videos 3 times faster than CPU

24-10-2020 09:23
Quality from best to worst x264 veryslow 2pass > x265 medium > NVENC H265 ≥ x264 medium > NVENC H264

24-10-2020 09:08
Do any of you know can you use NVENC in megui to render video instead of CPU?

21-10-2020 20:18
The old disk used for the FTP died without any warning. We had to reupload our stuff that was pending before the incident.

21-10-2020 19:49
What happened to my kid Chameleon long play?!!!

21-10-2020 07:44

20-10-2020 16:39
Chill, it was a joke. >_>

19-10-2020 23:00
@valis77: it cant be because requests in the shoutbox can easily be drowned out to where people that would actually want to do the requests put only in shoutbox might not see them

19-10-2020 15:01
Yeah, much more serious than the shoutbox, but you know how today's youth behave.

19-10-2020 13:42
It should be but whatever, that's where FORUMS are for, Mortals.

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The unofficial official sequel to Half-Life Opposing Force that Valve gave their blessing to be put on steam for a price of $10 when it should have just been a free mod instead.

At one point I had to use noclip because I had died and the checkpoint I was put back didn't trigger the elevator for some reason


February 21 2016 06:55:51
Download 396
Length 01:37:19
Language English

Download (right click save as):
Reinc on March 26 2016 09:27:40

This is played on Easy difficulty but still contains deaths to enemies, walking around a location for minutes in search for a passage to the next location, and a Steam popup message about Street Fighter V downloading.

Spazbo4 on March 26 2016 18:56:28

half of the time it is unclear on where to go and i cant do anything to stop steam from telling me when games are done downloading

MadMatty on March 26 2016 21:44:09

You can disable notifications. And also play the game through first so that you know where to go when being longplayed. really no need for quick and dirty longplays due to laziness.

Spazbo4 on March 27 2016 05:07:17

the only way for me to disable those notifications completely is to turn off steam overlay and i dont want to do that

MadMatty on March 27 2016 10:54:39

Not even when it comes time to record for a longplay? For shame. That's potential a potential reason for Denying a longplay submission when you set out to produce a sub standard video right from the start.

FlangEG on October 08 2020 11:00:48

There is a free mod, it can be found at https://www.moddb...d-seabrook

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