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03-07-2020 17:59
On the YT channel (in About section), you'll find a Discord join link. Much better than using the IRC, plus that you can check back without needing to log in every time.

03-07-2020 16:05
KAGE-008 How do I Submit and Upload my longplay?

03-07-2020 02:49
I remember watching that when I was 11 (I'm 24 now). It was so great lol.

03-07-2020 02:39
I'm curious, Do you watch Happy Tree Friends?

03-07-2020 02:37
Yes, it is.

03-07-2020 02:36
Is it okay If I upload my Kid Chameleon? KAGE-008?

03-07-2020 02:17
You don't need to ask for a permission. Everyone is free to record anything and submit them. Remember to use the tools we use for encoding.

03-07-2020 02:00
Can you just be flexible and let me upload my Kid Chameleon longplay? KAGE-008

03-07-2020 01:31
As I said, we need proof of that. This site isn't meant to always show real-life skills, in modern stuff for example people leave the death scenes in their videos if they want to.

03-07-2020 01:28
KAGE-008 I'm a nice guy I'm doing this to be kind.

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Downloads: Navy Moves (Fan Translation)
Downloads Home > ZX Spectrum > Navy Moves (Fan Translation)

Navy Moves (Fan Translation)

Spectrum 128k

Developed by Ignacio Abril and published by Dinamic Software in 1988.

"Mission: Destroy the U - 5544 Nuclear Submarine. In Navy Moves you will prove your combat skills on the sea surface, beneath the waves, in a bathyscaphe, and finally, inside the submarine."

Well that was a two year wait for our sequel to Army Moves from Spanish developer and publisher Dinamic Software. Its more of the same. A near impossible first level which might send you crazy, but the game gets a little easier if you make it through. The game has 48k and 128k versions which load both parts at once on the 128k and again separated by a pass code. The second part is a another maze but thankfully made a little easier by enemies not able to see/get you when laying down. You do have to collect passcodes from officers and use the computer terminal to enter commands. How you are supposed to know those commands without a guide a do not know. Apart from the 'OABERBYAMD' code which is explained the manual and an anagram of Bomb Ready. Thegame also has a better ending than the previous game.

This video is made from my own 'Fan Translation' of the Spanish original game as for some reason, the 128k version was not localised or released in English. Now its not perfect as there is limited space to make the changes but it does make the 128k version more accessible. It wasn't possible to simply copy the text strings from the 48k English release into the 128k Spanish release.It is the disk version of the game and includes army moves on the disk.

I notice when reading the guides to the game that the text code messages use full words such as Emerge, Stop Engine, Transmit but the game is only comparing against a vocabulary of four letter words and will accept that as shown in the video. Ill try to add something which shows this later.


September 08 2019 12:15:19
Download 115
Length 00:19:29
License: FT
Language English

Download (right click save as):
MadMatty on September 08 2019 12:36:45

A snapshot of the english/spanish vocabulary for the part 2 computer terminal.

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